Deepika Padukone’s fixation with leggings!

Deepika Padukone’s fixation with leggings!

This gorgeous babe seems to be quite smitten with the idea of teaming her leggings up with different styled tops which in turn give a very casual chic feel to her appearance

Ms Padukone has come up with a new fashion statement these days. It doesn’t take her much time to switch looks. When she wants to flaunt an out-of-bed style, she teams her leggings with a crinkled long jacket. When the actor wants to show off her feminine side, she combines a leg-hugging beauty with a pretty one-shoulder top. When Deeps is in the mood to flaunt a rugged biker babe look, she simply digs a check shirt out of her closet and matches it with a sexy pair of boots pulled over those lovely legs in leggings.

As the actor opts for this hassle-free style, we tell you where you can pick up a pair of cool leggings. A mix of cotton and Lycra, these are pretty easy to find and are also available in various colours. 

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  • PakaPell

    Gorgeous babe…ohhhh..give me a break…uurrgh….this is ‘so damn tacky almost as if picked up from a Teen Patti Bazar…

  • Raji

    I am sorry, if she had shopped in citi-trend or wal-mart she would get better deal for her money.

  • Mario Rakesh

    she is so cute in Bollywood better than everyone she is awesome