Posted Thu, October 13, 2011 2:22pm IST

If SRK’s bohemian, wild and guitar strumming avatar in DDLJ had every girl drooling over it, Kajols’s bespectacled serene stare got men hooked too! Take a look at the style statement that defined a generation

What made DDLJ stand out as far as styling is concerned was the way it blended western style while retaining desi sensibilities. That blend alone was a chic statement in its own way and had the entire nation going crazy over it. Also, the colours used were vibrant and eye catching. With the scenic locales acting as a beautiful backdrop, every frame of the film oozed style. Also the interplay of loud and underplayed dressing was tactfully done according to the flow of the story. Suddenly, spectacles and hats with feathers were the latest must-haves.