Do Riteish and Genelia need the fashion police?

The newlyweds’ style statement seems to be deteriorating with every passing day. Now isn’t it supposed to be exactly the opposite when you get hitched? We guess the two just aren’t in a mood to enter the fashion-conscious mode right now!

So while we spotted Genelia recently at the screening of Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya in an ensemble that more or less looked like a modern version of a kedia (worn by Gujarati men during Navratri), we were far more horrified when we saw Riteish following the footsteps of his wife at a recent do. Mr Deshmukh donned disastrous Jodhpuri styled pants at his brother Dhiraj’s sangeet ceremony.  Although we like his pleasant countenance, those dreadful bottoms are something we won’t use even to mop the floor of our house. Now just when we were thinking of apologising for our over the top reaction, our roving eyes fell on Gen’s fancy-dress ensemble. We wonder what made her team her shortish kurta with a wide high-waist belt and an ethnic shrug. Now we do appreciate the babe’s audacity to go experimental, but we suggest she exercise some control over her impulses when it comes to creating statements, ‘coz she’s clearly making a fool of herself in the process.

We think the two really need to head for a romantic getaway, now that they are done with cheering on the cricket pitch and promoting their movie. Riteish-Gen, we seriously can’t take any of those faux-pas any more. Sincerely yours…