Ekta Kapoor gears up for a fashion makeover

The queen of TV soaps is all set for a fashion revamp and with a slew of endorsements to look forward to; she plans to use the money she earns out of it for philanthropic purposes

Ekta Kapoor claims that she’s ready to slip into the glamorous mode and this time takes help from her designer buddies before setting out on a fashionable journey. Right from getting her teeth to her hair done, this woman no longer intends to feature in the faux pas list.  Time and again she has messed up when it comes to clothes, shoes, accessories and everything connected to fashion. But Ms Kapoor is no more in the mood to play ‘plain Jane’ anymore. As she gets into the makeover zone from head-to-toe, we suggest she keep the cardinal rules of style in mind. Out of which one rule strictly states that repetition is a big NO-NO. Now that’s gonna be extremely difficult for Ms Kapoor to follow. Her fixation for lucky charms makes her repeat certain things that she thinks will be instrumental in bringing about the right amount of luck in her life. Well we can’t do much about this idiosyncrasy of hers, just like we can’t do anything about her K-obsession. But we would really like her to get rid of those banal clodhoppers that she wears on almost every occasion and slip into something more stylish.

With the kind of footwear she wears, we can deduce she’s more into comfort and durability. And keeping that in mind, the best thing for Ekta would be some chic looking wedges that are funky and comfortable at the same time. Here are a couple of places we think she should go footwear shopping…

Bata – Kolhapuri wedges – Rs 2000-3000

Catwalk – Rs 1500-2500

Funky platforms and wedges at myntra.com (She can sit home and order for some great stuff)

Colaba Causeway- Rs 500-1000 (That’s if she’s planning to street shop anytime soon)

Aldo – Rs. 2500 onwards