Freida Pinto’s look at Cannes 2012: Average!

Posted Thu, May 17, 2012 11:56am IST

Freida Pinto opted for a pink satin gown by designer Michael Angel for the red carpet and was spotted in a black Versace gown for the opening night dinner

The actor was seen attending the premiere of West Anderson’s film, Moonrise Kingdom. As Pinto is also the face of L’Oreal, she was seen representing the brand in a pink Michael Angel gown. Although we like the multicoloured bodice, the peplum effect and the thigh-high slit, what’s really disappointing is the way she’s carrying off this pretty outfit. The clumsy sticking-out-the-leg pose looks highly inspired by Angelina Jolie and it also seems like she’s having a hard time managing the slick gown. Looks like Freida found it extremely difficult to juggle between posing for the paparazzi, handling the train of her gown and maintaining that diva kinda smile at the same time.

On the contrary, we are mighty impressed with Pinto’s Versace gown. She looks much more at ease in the black sequined floor-length dress. As she teamed it up with pink lipstick and emerald earrings, this look surely gets a thumbs-up from us.

We guess Pinto just needs some time to loosen up a li’l bit. All we can do is wait and see how Pinto surprises us the next time around, but till then we think the babe is more comfortable attending evening soirees than glamorous day events.

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  • nina oberai

    Please she was only invited as a backup just incase aishwarya rai was not available, and she is totally trying to copy angelina jolie, with the leg pose,versace gowns, emerald earnings. She is not even half as beautful as jolie and certainly not talented at all. Don’t get why this woman is so overhyped.

  • jared

    wow who knew the crap stars could buy their way into cannes film festival. who is next then, porn stars?

  • Sunetha

    umm who is she again?

  • Karthik

    Lol, all three of the comments above are made by the same person. Stop being jealous because she’s getting noticed and actually getting roles in Hollywood movies while certain obese actresses tried so hard to do the same and failed.

  • Jenvi

    This is a troll all over the sites defebding pinto. loser get a life .aka kartik, btw she is only doing 5 min roles like aishwarya was doing. nobdy realyl notcies her or cares for her.