Freida Pinto’s style goof up at IFFI Goa!

Immortals star Frieda is used to swanning it in designer togs on red carpets the world over. This time, in Goa at IFFI, she wasn’t looking her best….

If your first reaction to this image is to turn away, we don’t blame you. Looks like Freida Pinto had a bad day coordinating styles, colours and her posture on the red carpet. So what went wrong? First, the girl seems to have forgotten that she is in Goa, where sand, surf and swimwear rule. Dear Freida, were you suffering from the Ghajini syndrome that made you forget where you were! If not, then we would like to ask you the million dollar question – why a silk-satin churidar outfit in ultra-cazh Goa? Second, it certainly looks as if the cling of the slim-fit pants hasn’t really taken a liking for your bony legs. The satin texture seems to be frowning in desperation at being wrapped around your oh-so-slender pins. We suggest a crash course on what fabrics look good on your svelteness would help a lot. Third, what’s with that cotton candy pink bow dangling right in the middle of your dress? Please don’t tell us that it’s the USP of your outfit! If you did want to hang something there, a cream coloured thingie would’ve been just fine. Last, but definitely not the least, if after all the horrific points that you managed to ignore, if you still decided to wear this on the red carpet, what’s with your posture, darling? Straighten up and stick with what likes you, rather than what you think we will like!