From skinny to skinnier- Kangna Ranaut is all set to disappear

Kangna Ranaut could carry off a bikini in Rascals, traditional clothes in Tanu Weds Manu and, we are also sure, a body-hugging mutant’s costume in Krrish 2. But do you like Kangna in a super skinny avatar? We don’t, for sure!

The actor has been spotted at various events lately and, to our horror, she has started looking like a skeleton that’s all set to be examined and dissected, getting set to be hung in a lab. The last we saw Ranaut, she was in a pretty healthy state, with fuller cheeks and the much-coveted toned bod. But now Kangy looks like an anorexic model with a hollow face. With the pressure of fitting into the shoes of a bad gal-mutant in Krrish 2, the actor has been toiling hard to get rid of every ounce of fat on her body. She has to fit herself into a body-hugging superwoman costume. Resembling a bundle of sticks, the sexy babe we heard has been asked to shed more of that cellulite for the sequel of Tanu Weds Manu. Although we wonder what is left to lose, the actor takes the professional route and does what it takes to resemble her character in her upcoming movies. The itch to criticise Kangy’s appearance may be on an all time high right now, but what’s even higher is to appreciate the babe for the pains she’s taking to do justice to her roles. Take a bow Kangy, we are sure we will get to see your charming curves back pretty soon, but the one thing you can never get rid off is the label of a ‘hard working gal’…Just keep up the good work, babe!