Posted Mon, February 6, 2012 1:11pm IST

The Krrish man’s metamorphosis from a honey-eyed boy to a lust-worthy man goes well with his evolving fashion statement which is raw, organic and yet star-standard. Off late, the Agneepath hunk has started sporting duds that match his mature persona and spell understated restlessness

His deadly sensuality is reflected not just through his eyes but also in his unique style. His dressing sense is not a version of anybody else’s. It is his very own and very real. Subtle on glamour and big on individuality, Hrithik Roshan’s dressing sensibility has shaped his enviable persona. Shunning bod-hugging tees, see-through shirts and glitzy outfits, the Agneepath star has now introduced some solid changes into his wardrobe. Off late, the Indian Adonis has been donning comfortable yet classy leather jackets, semi-fit tees and snug open-collared shirts, but nothing quite matches his trend-setting stoles and scarves.

Those simple cashmere drapes around his neck add a dab of funkiness without much fuss. He prefers the basic earthy hues when it comes to color-coding and spices it up with statement accessories.With his aviators, chunky belts,oversize geeky spectacles or casual baseball caps, the macho actor doesn’t shy away from showcasing his boyish eagerness. Hrithik surely brings it all – style, fabulousness, grace and a sporty yet relaxed attitude – in one delicious package.The mix, we think, is utterly lethal!

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