Is Kangna Ranaut inspired by Sonam Kapoor?

The Krrish actor declares that she’s absolutely fine with people noticing her style more than her acting prowess

We understand when someone like Sonam Kapoor says something like that because she’s an actor who’s well aware that her fashion acumen is way better than her emoting capability. We also think she does an intelligent job by not delving too much into the scripts and stories arena. Instead she continues sticking to the nuts and bolts of fashion – something she’s really good at. But when someone like Kangna says this, it does shock at least a li’l bit (not that we care much!). No doubt we love the babe’s spunk and the courage to experiment with her looks every now and then, but considering she’s a decent performer, we think the actor should think twice before making a statement like that ‘cos in a way it implies that she’s way more content being a style diva than a trying to be a brilliant actor. Well, this is what we could gauge from what you said Kangy, and if this is what you really want, we must say that you did look gorgeous at the recent Oprah Winfrey party! A retro styled belted top and the white skinny pants make for a cool combination. But considering you have cut your locks recently, we wish you had left your hair open, otherwise it’s a 10/10. And about your recent films like Rascals, Game, and Miley Naa Miley Hum…err…Sorry we aren’t supposed to talk about that, no?