John gets grungy!

We discovered that John Abraham continues being expressionless, as you can see in the latest song from his next movie, Force . Considering there isn’t much to talk about in his acting skills, we diverted ourselves to his styling in the film…

Portraying the role of an undercover cop in the film, John Abraham has been given a very grunge look. Along with flaunting his hot six pack, he is imprinted with abstract tattoos on his arms and torso. Donning a dog tag and cool sunglasses, John joins the B-town rat race in style. In the posters, John oozes his usual hunky attitude and a gun is tucked into his abnormally low waisted jeans. Now this is one man in Bollywood who’s extremely comfortable with his body and takes extreme pride in flaunting every cut. His perfect target audience, we feel, is the middle aged woman who pretends to cringe but actually loves seeing his dare-bare acts. It’s like they love him, as much as they say they hate him. We really don’t know what to expect from Force – there’s the cute Genelia who’s trying hard to look sensual and sexy and then there’s John, who’s not even trying to act. All that’s left is John’s look which gets a thumbs up from us. He personifies ‘sexy’ and that’s one thing he’s really good at!

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