Juhi Chawla and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan steal the show!

Tue, April 3, 2012 4:14pm IST by
Juhi Chawla and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan steal the show!

Amidst an array of events last week, the two ladies took centrestage with their ethnic style statements and we are mighty impressed with these dark horses

Ash has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons lately. Right from her bulge to her dressing sense, everything has been subjected to unsparing criticism. But after a long time we feel like giving the green signal to the new mommy, despite the fact that she continues carrying around a cellulite-laden body. She was recently seen sauntering around at the Dubai World Cup in a red Sabyasachi suit which she teamed with a glittering dupatta. Now that she has taken an oath to not change her fashion choices and stick to boring and loose tent-like outfits, we are glad she’s at least keeping it bright when it comes to colours.

Juhi Chawla, on the other hand, impressed us with her pretty red and golden embroidered salwar suit. Very rarely does Ms Chawla make it to the gorgeous glitterati list. But this time she does with that mind-blowing scarlet-red ensemble. All we can hope is that she doesn’t slack off again and keeps up the good work.

Now that the two are trying hard to get the missing oomph back and galvanise their wardrobes into action, we wait till they hit the fashion ground again…and this time we hope not with a loud thud!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sonia

    “cellulite-laden body”??? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? GET OUT.

  • Red

    Ash looks so fat and ugly….she should understand if she wants to portray herself as diva she should at least try to look like one.not like a fat cow walking in red

    • candjim

      How sad are you? She looks like a real woman should. With all of her mummy curves.

    • kap

      are you stupid? look at her! SHE LOOKS LIKE A BEAUTIFUL NEW MOMMY. stupid stereotypes of women getting right back in shape after pregnancy are not healthy at all. jealousy won’t get you anywhere :)

  • Amrit

    Juhi is the best

  • eesha

    ash gave birth on nov. whats your problem? she looks fine to me. juhi looks fine too

  • new.mommy

    Something is wrong with Ash. I got a new baby too…After giving birth people start losing pregnancy weight slowly, not gaining..maybe she isn’t eating healthy and being lazy..by 6 months you should be able to get your shape back naturally..

    • Aashika

      you’re an idiot and not everyone has the same body type and metabolism.
      how have u lost weight? have you exercised?

    • Sangy

      You are just mean. I have no son and I had trouble losing weight the first time but it melted of the 2nd time with no effort on my part. Every pregnancy is different and every person has a different metabolism. For a woman who is nearly 40 and just had a child she is OK. Her job is to look after her baby and not worry if people call her fat and lazy. Being a woman I would expect you to be a bit more understanding.

  • Preet

    Juhi looks fabulous as usual and guys please give Aishwarya some time; she is a new mom!!!!!!!

  • priyanka

    Its ok to look fat after giving birth. Everyone should be allowed their own time to lose weight.
    But one can work on the wardrobe. Having designers at their beck and call, these ladies should take more care in selecting what to wear to look slimmer. Wearing tents doesnt help. Should go for clean cuts, flowy fabrics & matt colors.

    • Aashika


  • priyanka

    Sabyasachi mukerjee needs to understand his clients better.. However good he may be, He doesnt do any justice to Ash & Vidya Balan ! Both are gorgeous ladies (who dont have a great dress sense, which is ok) and can can be made to look even better by dressing them well.
    Juhi’s outfit is so much better & suits her well.

  • ami

    First of all Juhi is still just as bautiful as she ever was, she still got it!
    Hats off to Ash for being healthy for her baby, after being a model she was prob counting every calorie before and it prob wasn’t ez to gain weight for her and i’m sure in due time she’ll b back with her amazing body. Many women gain more wait after pregenancy while feeding.Every body is diff. no wonder so many wome have self esteem issues, b/c if the media can bash someone at gorgous as ash, how are the rest of us supposed to feel? also proud of her for stepping our of the house

  • sanjay boro

    Juhijiii, u looked gorgeos with red dress…..

  • Lily

    Ash & Juhi r both beautiful in their own ways. However I wish them all good luck.Keep up the beautiful smile Juhi.I love the movie (Yes Boss)

  • rudhi

    juhi aunty looks pretty old now even whatever she wears she should drape herself in elegant english colours like dimple

  • Sathi

    India prides itself on having made leaps and bounds in terms of technology, lifestyle and what not. However, it is sad to see that a lot of people, especially the media remain narrow minded and unkind. Give the freaking lady a break, will ya? She’s been in the limelight for the past 16-17 years and if she decides to take a break and not conform to social/public pressure, AND focus on her personal life and her child, why does everyone seem to have a problem with it? She is human like anyone else and I’m sure she will get back in shape IF she wants to/has to. Until then, I don’t think it is anyone else’s business to take jabs at her for not having lost weight. Are you people for real?

  • joydeb ghatak

    those who are beautifull are all out fair, they need attention for others,and remembered for the role play for us, as if they are beautifull to look but we forget the weal and woe they faced to reach for the goal