Katrina: from chubby firang to sexy babe

Posted Fri, November 25, 2011 11:39am IST

People who dread changing their style should learn a thing or two from Bollywood actors. These tinseltownies can transform themselves – and they have done so – from a plain Jane to a glam babe, all in a mere jiffy…

Given the extreme pressure to look good, B-town actors have undergone various transformations over the years. Some have opted for painful procedures on the surgical table, while others have resorted to more conventional, age-old and healthy methods. Oscillating between being a style disaster and a style icon, our sexy babes trudge a long way trying to please people and we must say there are times we do appreciate their efforts. Even though we know that a M.A.C or a Chanel does half the job of bringing about a gorgeous glow on the B-town beauties, we have chosen a couple of faces from the industry who look slightly different every time they appear onscreen or even off it…

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  • sonu

    apki tasvir dekhna chahta hu