Kunal Khemu: From wannabe straight to stylish crop

The actor seems to be fixated on the idea of changing his hairstyle pretty often

And just when you started wondering, what makes us leave all the handsome hunks behind and keep a tab on someone like Kunal Khemu and his style, let’s just say that his constant presence on television these days with the promos of Blood Money doing the rounds on every channel has finally made us notice this lad again.

Now that Khemu has yet again proved his existence in the industry and finally, after whatever we could recollect about him, this chap loves to play around with his hair. We are sure that his follicular experiments have outnumbered the number of girlfriends he’s had by now, but honestly kudos to Khemu for unabashedly taking the experimental route, something that people in showbiz don’t do much.

He has flaunted poker-straight hair in Kalyug (his first movie as an adult). Looks like he wasn’t content with one disaster he indulged in, he went ahead and opted for a wannabe curly style in Superstar. He was also seen in a funky braided look in Jai Veeru – which was something we totally approved ‘coz of the novelty quotient. Still trying to satiate his style pangs, Khemu will next be seen in a decent ‘good-boy’ kinda cropped hairstyle in Blood Money. Even though the fringes look slightly feminine, we aren’t fully convinced that he got this style done solely for his character in the movie. We think Kunal also feels the need to match up to his girlfriend Soha Ali Khan’s mature looks…now correct us if we are wrong, KK!