Now that’s tacky airport style!

We spot celebs at the airport every other day. And while most of them make sure they at least try and put on a decent ensemble to face the shutterbugs, there are some who look like a confused mess…like Ameesha Patel and Madhuri Dixit, whom we spotted recently

Effortlessly careless style is the new trend in B-town. And aiming to fit that mould are celebs trying to portray the image of wearing whatever caught their eyes first as they rummaged through their closets. But that’s not exactly the case, we all know; most of them meticulously plan the kind of fit they want and how tattered they want their jeans to look or how unkempt they want their hair to be.

But it’s not easy to look cool, and not all of them manage to get it right. Recently, when Ameesha and Madhuri sauntered around at the airport, we couldn’t help but feel squeamish after seeing the looks they sported.

While Ameesha looked pretty comfortable in her leg-hugging track pants and T-shirt and was almost on her way to achieve the cool airport look, we discovered the fly in that ointment was the formal closed shoes she teamed with it. And Madhuri could have just done without the formal blazer that she put on so confidently with her casual denims and T-shirt. Li’l does she know that she’s stuck between a faux pas and a wannabe statement, and that’s a place we don’t like our fave babe to be in.

We suggest these beauties concentrate a tad more on planning before getting into ‘my bags are packed and I am ready to go’ mode. Coz’ honestly, we are quite done enduring such horrid statements…