Oh shucks, where the hell is your tux!

Posted Tue, December 13, 2011 3:36pm IST

We think Bollywood boyz are extremely laidback. No, we aren’t saying they don’t work hard, but their dress sense is what we are referring to here. The B-town babes win all the brownie points hands down when it comes to being style divas

Now the one thing we are sure about where the men are concerned is that if they weren’t actors and if they didn’t have all the pressure in the world to look good, they would be lounging on their couches and munching high-calorie potato chips unabashedly, probably clad in their boxers and not much else, unshaven and perhaps even unwashed. Considering the fact that very rarely we get to see them in a suave, gentleman-like prim and proper avatar, we can’t contain our happiness when we actually catch them showing off their elegant side. Once in a while these handsome men make an effort to transform their unkempt hair into a neat and tidy crop, ditch their casual ensembles for a formal one and replace that relaxed smile with a sophisticated grin…

Let’s have a look at Bollywood men who have made that extra effort to take that tux out of the closet…

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