Shahrukh Khan is shocked!

Shahrukh Khan is shocked!

The Badshah of Bollywood speaks his mind without saying a word on the latest cover of a society magazine. We wonder what is troubling the most successful man of B-town…

Gracing the cover of OK! magazine, Shahrukh Khan’s square-in-the-eye gaze certainly sets the otherwise cool frame on fire.The thoughtful Khan adopts an unconventional pose for a man. But then SRK is different, isn’t he? He can turn the conventional rules on their heads, even for a picture! Everything about this cover is just perfect. Surprisingly, not a strand out of place for the actor who almost always likes to keep it messy, scruffy and real. Though this cover shot looks sun-drenched and has a certain warmth about it, SRK looks like he is in a pensive mood. “I get shocked at what is written about me,” roars the strapline. Looks like Shahrukh is getting a bit defensive here. We would like to guess that SRK is talking about his alleged link-up with Priyanka Chopra or his infamous slap-gate episode, or maybe both.

Dressed in a light mauve full-sleeved T-shirt with a collared amber tee beneath, SRK keeps the colour-coding linear by wearing stone-washed jeans. A black chronograph on his wrist completes the look. We loved the ambience SRK is nestled in. It gives a homely feeling with those cushions placed in the background, a nearly perfect setting for a heart-to-heart talk. But what stands out the most is the fine blend of brightness (which SRK is unmistakably known for) and the understated sombreness that is created by using SRK’s reflective eyes. Pretty impressive!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Rahul

    Your site is troubling him the most.

    • Shaba


  • rony

    he is in blank head situation as sallu ruling d roost for 5 consecutive years

    • Vinayak

      Ha ha ha.. Five years.. Agreed for two years (that to from south indian movie photocopy).. Thanks for the funny comment, u made me laugh..

  • hmm

    And Your Point is?

  • Tammy Khan

    i like the way the website is now beginning to support SRK.
    luv u SRK u ruled sinse 1992 till date and has won many more awards than many of the actors in bollywood

  • Meena

    REally cool.. a nice pic after a long long gap.. liked it truly.. :)

  • aasif don

    I am a very big fan of sahrukh khan. I do everything for sahrukh khan.he is a very good acter.

  • aasif don

    If Sahrukh khan you you read this comment please sent me you e-mail.I requested to you.your big fan Aasif.I watch almost of your movies and I love them.

  • Adrian

    Sexy! Sexy! Sexy! Whew!!!!

  • abbas

    mer haba indiya.

  • Kaleemkhan

    shahruk khan reall don

  • Prabhat singh

    Srk is the best, he is the king of bollywood.