Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan… who looks hottest in a T-shirt?

Posted Mon, March 12, 2012 4:27pm IST

Casual, cool and comfy, tees bring out the real and relaxed side of anyone. It’s time to pull on a cool one to raise the mercury

There’s a nip in the air, but summer is already upon us. And B-town hunks have started introducing much needed changes into their starry wardrobes. It’s time to shun those scarves, pullovers and jackets and inject a colourful dose of tees. If you style it right, this ever versatile piece of clothing can be worn on almost any occasion. Recently we spotted some of the best looking men in B-town in the comfortable shirt and wondered who looked the best in this casual wear.

Shahrukh Khan in our opinion is classy in his polo neck and looks equally edgy and carefree in a V-neck. Salman Khan uses bright colours to best effect and manages to look absolutely delicious in a snug-fit tee. John Abraham doesn’t experiment too much and is often seen wearing round collared statement T-shirts with loud messages inscribed on them, while Imran Khan keeps it peppy, relaxed and teen-ish with his basic tees. Hrithik wears V-neck cashmere-blend tees and teams them with cool baseball caps.

But one man who won us over with his extensive collection of T-shirts is Prateik. The Ekk Deewana Tha lad dons them all and wears his bohemian attitude on his sleeve. From a plain pizza-boy tee to a perfectly crafted V-neck and from a loose, colourful piece to a bold, outlandish and graphic shirt, Prateik keeps it amazingly quirky, comfortable and stylish!

Take a look at our style gallery and vote for your favourite pick


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  • Asim Rauf

    Salman Khan always sexy and young and good looking

  • bunty katoch

    salman is alwayz lyk sexy looking so cool……………!

  • Raj Kumar Yadav

    Salman eternally!

  • Asad

    All the way to king salman



  • dip

    only srk………the man is really a smart dude

  • Mika

    No Comparison..
    Salman all the way

  • fahad

    always salman khan looking hot

  • srk king

    Shahrukh khan

  • sneha

    Only SRK..King toh har cheez me King hi rehta hai..lekin sirf achi cheezon me ha..nt in crime related things, lyk Salman ‘Lallu gay’ khan,,haha,he is a faltu loozer actor..

  • muzamil malik

    shahrukh khan


    Salman khan is the king of style all the way love u bhai

  • imran

    only Hrithik roshan looks great whatever he wears

  • Sachin

    SHAHRUKH is king of bollywood,he is a trend setter and looking HANDSOME in every dress.

  • bapu

    you are all fools who have said sharukh and salman is hottest,but i am sorry you are all blind.becz sharukh and salman both are looking don’t vote for favs vote who is better looking.they are oviously looking old guys so guys vote actually hot person

  • cata

    hrithik is the hottesest guy in t-shirt

  • Mohd zishan.

    Shahrukh khan’s look is smart and handsom.{ZISHU~S~R~K}

  • babbig

    hrithik always

  • lucky

    how 45 year old man look hot in T-shirt please exclude SRK and Salman from the list.its only one man show it’s Hrithik Show.He rocks comparison of Old blood of Bollywood.

  • abracadabra

    SALMAN SALMAN SALMAN…anybody got looks then it is Salman..anybody talking stupid abt SALMAN, I hope you die soon..have respect for him..and everybody shall respect others…

  • bhumi

    srk is all the way…..He is real style ICON from Kuch Kuch Hota hain….examples like mohabbatein,veer zaara, OSO,Kal ho na ho………he is trend setter…..


    yes, bhumi u r right……shahrukh all the way……srk rocks….

  • haris yousaf

    john is hot more than everyone……………..

  • haris yousaf

    john is hot more than everyone……………..

  • Kionii

    Shahrukh is the sexist.

    Shahrukh is far more sexy.

    Shahrukh is so appealing to women.

  • wahab yousaf

    john looks awesome in every dress…………..

  • naturalEEs

    SRK and imran are looking the bestttttt

  • mehul

    the Greek God of Bollywood …… Hrithik Roshan…:)

  • Shilpa

    The very smartest in looks and brains both is Shah Rukh Khan!!!!

  • manish

    Salman khan is sooo sweat in t.shirt :-)

  • Velma

    Shahrukh Khan is looking unnaturally white in this picture but he still is the best of this group because he’s consistently handsome and unique looking and has more charm and charisma in his little finger than the rest of them have in all their bodies.

  • aijaz

    Salman khan is sooo sweat in t.shirt :-)

  • wasif

    john looks hottest in T-Shirt::)p

  • zulu

    john looks excellent in every dresses

  • Rao

    The MANIsh ones might be right that Salman looks the most sweat like in sweaty cause I’m sure he is sweaty– but the most SWEET like sweet in candy is Shahrukh and only Shahrukh

  • baheshta

    salman khan

  • Addy

    In order..

    1) Shahrukh
    2) Hrithik
    3) Salman
    4) John
    5) Prateik
    6) Imran

    Salman and John are joint third to be honest and Hrithik may have been joint first with SRK if not for his face/hair/cap. Imran Khan’s shirt is definitely the worst look and therefore is takes the last place.

  • ali

    only Sallu

  • natasha


  • debbie

    easily Salman

  • rahul

    srk…..super rocking khan……..king as always

  • Mithun

    Hrithik is the best he is perfect.

  • azruddin khan

    sharukh khan the king of bollywood

  • brijesh jha

    hi sharukh
    love you yaar

  • brijesh jha

    hi sharukh
    love you yaar

  • hasti

    of course salman khan

  • Faiz 4 u

    East or west jhon is the best jhon is sexy in all clothes .jhon love u

  • kashif

    i love
    shah ru khan

  • Abhishek saha

    Its obvious JOHN ABRAHAM…..:-)
    IN MY Opinion john is the hotest man in bollywood he has got a physic to be inspired of..
    Secondly hritik has also got a nice physic bt stil no one can beat john :-)

  • AB

    The Greek GOD Hrithik….
    Other old Khans have there old fans since 20years but truth is truth…Hrithik is one of the most Handsome MAN in the world..

  • Rohit


    • sanal

      one & only salmankhan

  • Aashkaran

    Only Tom Cruise and Hrithik



  • shozaf


  • atul rout

    john is the best….. he is the coolest among all…..

  • arvind

    rhithik is the best

  • Biswa

    SHAH RUKH KHAN Looking Superb In T-Shirt…Just

  • Niloy

    Salman khan looking hottest in a t-shirt.

  • sur


  • velle

    Hritik ofcourse he is the hottest

  • velle

    Hritik ofcourse the one and only he is the hottest guy

  • rizwan


  • Shaba

    SRK looks hot ♥♥

  • Parag

    Akshay kumar

  • ace

    It is so obvious that Hrithik is the coolest of them all…others does’nt even stand near him….

  • aaishah

    John Abraham is hot

  • Salman

    Offcc SRK the king looks amazin

  • thanzil ahmed

    salman khan, hrithik roshan, jon abraham they r ok
    but shahrukh khan looks hottest in a T-shirt?
    what a jok !!!!!! ha ha ha. shahrukh khan in 0 size like girls

  • rupesh

    akshay looks best, but among above mentioned hritik is better than others

  • Asad

    Ofcourse srk

  • Jamil


  • Ahmed

    Only srk

  • jakheline

    only srk .. the king khan

  • Sayeed

    One and only SRK

  • akhilesh

    only the super smart HRITHIK…

  • Abhishek

    hrithik is the most handsome is bollywood nd in a t – shirt he look gr8 n srk to t shirt dogi lagta hai

  • Jargan

    Salman looks really cool…

  • sara

    of course Salman Khan he look hot and sexy whatever he were he look cute that red t-shirt anyways

  • neeraj

    aur sallu to being-human shirt pehenkar logoan ko HIT N RUN kar deta h…stupid gay

  • سارة

    شاروخان اجمدمن ايي واحدفيهم

  • سارة

    شاروخان اجمد ايي واحد فيهم

  • violet

    for sure sharoukh khan

  • aishsrk

    alwayzzz shahrukh khan !! teh king khan !!!

  • Henry

    HI, hrithik I am a guy from of the admerirs of urs.I usually watch ur every film.Its really nice seeing u tweet.u looked fabulous in kites and i liked the movie.

  • Raj

    I like this movie. I have so many times. Very nice and sad movie too. I like Jeya Role in the movie. Sharuk’s khan Mom.Everytime I watched this movie I cry too. I cry on that scene where she in some mall and she saw shhurak there and put her hands on his face. Everytime I saw this scene it made me cry. This is very emotional movie

  • Aprem

    Salman looks best in anything and everything .. He’s the best and then there’s the rest.

  • akhi

    its hrithik……….. he is mst dashing in any dress…..

    • prasanna

      its true i am big fan of hrithik roshan

  • Muhammad Idrees

    Salman khan is most handsome

  • Aatish

    Salman Khan is Dashing n Handsome