Posted Mon, May 16, 2011 12:51pm IST

Sonam Kapoor has managed to do it! Wearing a gorgeously edgy Jean Paul Gaultier gown, she grabbed all the attention on the red carpet at Cannes which, for a first-timer, is certainly amazing!

The white long dress, with its gauzy white and graphic black overlay, made a statement that only Sonam, with her long limbs and superb sense of style, could carry off with such panache. Keeping the jewellery simple – diamond studs and a cocktail ring from Amrapali – and the hair in a nicely curly-messy updo, she was not only age-appropriate in her fashion statement, but also elegant and classy. Her sari – was it Masaba? – at another event was a little too outré for the average tastebuds, but the blouse was superb, showing off a toned back and great carriage. We totally like, Sonam!