Sonam Kapoor goes dreamy!

The pics of Ms Kapoor in Harper’s Bazaar India April 2012 caught our eye and it looks like the babe is lost in a faraway fantasy world in the midst of a professional photo shoot

Sporting Salvatore Ferragamo clothes, Sonam Kapoor was mostly seen flaunting vivid and earthy colours in this fashion shoot. Although her side swept hairstyle looks perfectly in-sync with her bohemian clothes, we also like the fact that the actor’s conveying something through her eyes in all her pictures, which lends a very dreamy and ethereal feel to the images.

Although over the years we haven’t failed to notice that her expression in fashion magazines is way better than what we see onscreen in Bollywood movies, we think the babe doesn’t need any more hints to make her realise that she’s a perfect cutout for the modelling world.

The animal printed ensemble that she teamed up with long dangling earrings wins our hearts hands down. The other picture in which she’s wearing a strapless pink gown and a floral electrifying blue scarf represents a very eclectic style. This quirky and unusual shoot somehow unveiled a very different side of the usual la-di-da Sonam, a much softer and delicate side, we think….