Posted Tue, June 7, 2011 7:15pm IST

She has chosen something that would look better on an older woman

Sonam Kapoor, fashion-forward fashionista who made such a fabulous impression on the red carpet at Cannes in her Jean Paul Gaultier white and black-graphics couture gown seems to have decided to grow up…fast. Instead of concentrating on frocks that show off her youth, she has chosen something that would perhaps be better on someone about 20 years older. The dress does show off the lovely line from hip to ankle, but the top hides the slim shoulders, firm bustline and swan-long neck that she should show off now. The stark red lipper and nude-ish eyes work really well, but we woulda loved to see that hair in a more formal updo to match the sweeping hemline and rigid silhouette. The way it is, loose and wavy, slightly messy at the back – well, it kinda clashes nastily with the fussy lacy stuff at the top of the gown. Any which way, Sonam does a pretty good job with the wardrobe; now she needs to fix the words and learn not to put foot in mouth and chew…hard!