Stick out that pout like Nargis Fakhri

Recently Nargis Fakhri declared in an interview that ‘coz of her addiction to lip plumpers she attracted a lot of flak for her pout in Rockstar. Li’l did she realise that the audience had great difficulty not just accepting her swollen lips, but also her anglicised speech

Now maybe Fakhri has learned the hard way out that carrying a pout is not everyone’s cup of tea, but she also admits that she didn’t resort to any sort of painful injections or horrid surgery for getting a bee-stung-your-lip look. In fact, you don’t have to either, considering the fact that there are a lot of cosmetic brands that help you attain the temporary Angelina Jolie pout without any drastic side effects.

You may not be quite inspired by Fakhri’s faux pas, but if you want to experiment with your lips and see if you have it in you to carry it off or look better than the Rockstar babe, then here are a couple of options you might want to try…