Posted Tue, September 27, 2011 4:31pm IST

Yash Chopra is a legendary personage and to mark the veteran’s birthday we thought we would showcase the typical Yash Chopra-film heroine

An integral part of the larger than life package, every actor chosen by this talented director has had an USP and has enchanted us with her exotic charm. As time elapsed, even the way these lovely ladies were presented in Chopra’s films changed, as per the trends in cinema. There was a time when Rakhee Gulzar’s powerhouse performances in Kabhie Kabhie and Daag were the highlight of B-town. Sridevi’s inimitable shrill voice and her penchant for white salwar kameezes gave rise to a new era of femininity in Bollywood. But gone are those days and, even though Chopra’s choices still top the list and his films host some top-notch names, we doubt he will be able to create the same magic again. We are not sure if he can make  an extraordinary film look different, unique, special. Has the magic spell stopped working?