Want Sunny Leone’s sexy bikini?

As the adult star raised temperatures with her sexy shocking pink bikini in Jism 2, we tell you how to look like the sensuous Sunny Leone

It’s not rocket science, how to get the perfect beach bikini look. You just need to be comfortable with your body and revel in some skin show, of course. And if you are in the mood to soak up the sun or take a shower with that special someone – just the way Leone did in her first film with the super dishy Randeep Hooda – you might want to slip into a sexy two piece instantly. Leone carries the bikini look brilliantly, and why not – she’s an adult-star and it’s her job is to look sexy, after all!

So if you want a stringy itsy-bitsy bikini or a floral delight or maybe a plain, no-frills design, here are a couple of options you must try…