What is Sonam Kapoor wearing?

Labelled as the fashion icon of B-town, Sonam has over the years managed to impress fashionistas with her exotic style. But there are times when the actor slips into the disaster mode

Recently, spotted at Imran Khan’s bash, Sonam was seen wearing a ‘grandmom like’ outfit and honestly, the dress didn’t do much to flaunt those sexy curves. It looked like Sonam flicked Harry potter’s cloak and converted it into a floor length gown. It really makes us wonder how she let her hair down and partied till wee hours of morning in that uncomfortable outfit. We guess Sonam, in order to create a statement, often forgets the main fashion thumbrule of keeping it ‘simple and comfortable’. So when her contemporaries (Deepika and Anushka) were flaunting their pretty little dress and designer gown in the party, Sonam ruined it by wearing a loose peach attire and teaming it up with a similar coloured bag. To top it all, she wore a netted jacket upon that horrid outfit, sigh! Well, Sonam we suggest you get out of this ‘extra-experiment mode’ that you get into every now and then, or else  it won’t be long before you are conferred with the award for the ‘most old-fashioned actor in B-town’.

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