What’s with Kangna Ranaut’s new look?

Last we heard, the Tanu Weds Manu babe was supposed to lose weight for her role as a vamp in the Krrish sequel. But at a recent event, it looked as if the actor, along with her onscreen makeover, has also changed her off-screen style

Strutting around in a black hat and torn denims teamed with a casual polka dotted jacket and a T-shirt, Ms Ranaut was recently spotted at Dabboo Ratnani’s calendar launch. She must have worked hard to achieve that super skinny frame; after all, fitting into the sinister mutant’s costume has to be the only thing on the actor’s mind these days. Although we fail to figure if Kangy has actually cut her hair, or she’s just sporting a wig, we wonder why she’s concealing her poker straight hair look with a hat. Has the hair stylist goofed up or something? Well we don’t know that yet. But after we are done with our assumptions and presumptions, we think the gorgeous babe who’s usually known for her unconventional and funky fashion sense has diverted a little bit from the track we like watching her on.

She’s looking like an urchin who’s lost her way while going home and is desperately looking for someone to show her the right direction. Fashion-wise we can definitely show you the right way, Kangy! And just to lighten you up a bit, we think those ankle length boots are the only saving grace in your ensemble. They are supremely sassy, just like your style was at one point of time. So, Ms R, use your super mutant powers and get back to your cool old style…