What’s with Shahrukh Khan’s curly mop-top?

Fri, September 9, 2011 4:35pm IST by
What’s with Shahrukh Khan’s curly mop-top?

As we waited with bated breath to check out SRK’s new song, Dildara from RA.One, we also wondered how King Khan is planning to surprise us this time, this release

Trying hard to look genuine with his robotic moves and impassive expressions, SRK appears on screen crooning a romantic number, with lady love Kareena Kapoor strumming the guitar on one side. Now with that weirdly coiled hairdo SRK doesn’t even have to try to make us crack up. Partially unkempt, partially Afro, we wonder what the hairstylist was thinking while giving him this funny look. Or maybe SRK never really hired a hairstylist. We don’t really blame him – after all, after spending a huge amount of moolah on international sensation Akon and fancy special effects for the film, the first thing on anybody’s mind would be cost-cutting. Also, the style is strikingly similar to Vir Das’ messy hair in Delhi Belly. We wouldn’t be surprised to discover some day that Vir passed the same wig on to SRK, furtively of course, under the table. Well, we can’t really say if SRK fans are going to love him in this new avatar or not, but we can already see professional stylists contorting their faces fiendishly, thinking that they would have done a better job, hands down! Hey Shahrukh, if we can forgive you for those awkward dance moves, for the umpteen fashion disasters, the stammering and stuttering, we can also forget this style crime you committed - our love knows no bounds, after all!

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  • Noman khan

    bollywood king shahrukh khan . bollywood handsun actor salman khan hai.ra 1 big hit over bodygyard.

  • mansi

    SRK always look handsome in any hairstyle.

  • umer01

    well………… he looks smarter by thre day

  • Maddy

    hey!!! think before you say it! YOu are blaming the KING! SRK looks cute in the hairstyle! we don’t see anything weird in it! he plays a nerd in the film! It suits his role! and he looks so cute and handsome in it, what more do we need?????

    • sandi


  • haroonn1986

    oh he is looking great there is no doubt abt this.

  • Md Shahrukh

    Hey guys, you don’t undrstnd. This article is written for a debate among us. Evrybdy knws srk is always charming…

  • anika

    He looks very nice.

  • sanid

    oh, PUH-LEASE! wait till you see it in the context of the movie before you make infantile & naiive snap judgments!

  • Diana

    hes lookin so sweet …. come on you ppl plz have some swetness too

  • samreen

    hi srk ur wer u in ra one or ra gor

  • ashu

    hey srk i love u ..but this hair stlye is grosss..it doent suit u….

  • Romio

    srk real super hero and he look cute.

    • Subhankar

      Srk look nice

  • angel

    SRK looks awful……..don’t like it…….hoop that looks not in the whole movie….

  • alistair

    he is looking nice

  • alistair

    he is looking nice

  • Anna

    He looks awesome, dumbheads! Afro look can look dashing on cute faces. What makes you call it unkempt? Heights of ignorance! And be nice that he still experiments at the age of 46. Think of what you will be doing then, at that age? Rubbing lemons on your wrinkles while you suffer from multiple ailments?

  • manoj chouhan

    hi sharukh i like ur hair style and i like u…………………….8871716803