What’s with those hideous slippers, Ash?

What’s with those hideous slippers, Ash?

At the Bachchans’ press meet recently, the media turned up in hordes waiting to get a glimpse of the mother and the baby. But while Beti B was nowhere in sight, new mum Aishwarya Rai Bachchan did say a sweet and desi ‘namaste’ to the waiting crowd. She may be pretty grace personified, but why oh why did she have to wear those clunky silver flip-flops and wreck the elegant image?  

We agree comfort is the first priority for the actor who delivered her first baby just about a week ago, but the sexy mother should realise that she’s still considered one of the style icons in B-town, preggie, extra-curvy or not. We loved that pastel Anarkali she wore and have nothing but kudos for the demure look, but those slippers….he bhagwan! If she’s really looking for comfort, aren’t there a whole lot of stylish and sophisticated options in that category too? Ash definitely needs a reality check when it comes to styling herself as a yummy mummy, especially now that she’s planning to make a comeback to the silver screen and get back to the entertainment grind by January, as was the story when the Heroine brouhaha happened. We suggest this hot mother make the most of her indefinite break and overhaul her footwear collection without wasting much time. Well, Ash, if we again see you in those clunky silver slippers that you wore to the hospital to deliver your bundle of joy, or even something remotely similar to that, we might just gift you a list of fashion dos and don’ts as a happy motherhood present. Trust us, this is only because you are worth it!

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  • N

    Give her a break! SHe has just delivered! HOw shallow can you be.. and FYI they are FIT FLOPS the best flip flops in the world and so comfortable esp to someone who has jus delivered

  • Deepa

    Ok i feel the one who writes articles for bollywood life is not a human being or may be sick and retard!!

  • Daniel J

    Seriously??? whoever wrote this piece of s*** is delirious.. would cut her some slack??? the woman just gave birth for crying out loud.. If you’re a lady who wrote this.. ‘Shame on you!” and if you’re a guy..do you even know the pain she has just been through doufus?? I dnt think she is in the physical capacity to make fashion statement at this juncture… Shees! get a life or real ‘writing ability’ you knuckle head! she’s not even at an event or anything she’s at HOME!!!!!!
    tch tch tch.. such ludacris writing.. this is the future of media?? sigh! sympathies bollywoodlife.com

  • KD

    Give her a break and stop writing stupid articles

    • syeda nibah

      stop writng sch stupid articles… i dnt think so k you evev knw da pain she has just been through doufus??
      or wo jis me comfrt feel karege wohe pehny gi…. ya phr uske lye b logo se pochna paray ga k kya pehnu or kya na pehnu….????

  • S

    BL hates Aish they have so many biased articles against her. Is Salman or Vivek paying u to write them? what’s going on? I think they’re probably running out of ideas. This is NOT news!This is so desperate that you’re even stooping down to this level.Btw the slippers match with the dress so I don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s just been a week since she gave birth I think ppl need to give her time before she can make fashion statements. Right now she’s probably too occupied with the baby & just living the moment to make fashion statements. Obviously the writer of this hasn’t given birth & is most likely not a woman. If u are a woman, shame on you.

    • Hi

      Dear slipper matching ke liye 10-15 min bahoot hote hain. photo shoot ke liye bhi to time nikala na?makeup ke liye bhi to time nikala na?Hospital se koyee makeup karke bahar niklta hai first time dekha.aur fashion icon hai is liye bhadda dikh raha hai.Abhi told ki baby shant hai jara bhi pareshan nahin karti aur roti bhi nahin.

  • tr

    They must belong to Jaya..hehe

  • faz

    She just gave birth to a frikkin baby!! Do you expect her to trot around in six inch stilettos. Get Real! How can you even publish such a bizarre article, dont you have anything substantial to say?

  • Harry

    These are not FLIP FLOPS but “FIT” FLOPS ,suppose to reduce weight and tone your legs.Aish can’t wait to get in to her pre baby figure !! LOL !!

  • honest

    Godness ! antoher typical rising population in india …and the dumps are celebrating it ?? for god sake this child will not and cannot beat the Hollywood celebs ! wake up india…. go clear all the mess that is in there……..wonder whose child is it.. amitabh ?? he seem to be doing all that the so called husband should be….. wonder jaya’s silence……

  • typical indian

    looks like amitabh has the say in the aishwarya / abhishek marriage… is amitabh the husband? did she marry amitabh for fame or the bachan marry her for her fame ?? well, looks like both married each other for fame.. but ash marry two bachans for FAME ……..ASH isnt wat u have enough ??

    • Fantasy

      U are disgusting,racist,and stupid.How can u even think something like that about someone? Maybe incest and nasty stuff like that is common in your family doesn’t mean it’s common in everyone else’s too. Watch your mouth perv.

    • Hi

      U R correct typical indian.I think everything is on contract basis.Amitabh repeated ki girl is like aish.Baby ka photo na dikhana bhi ek hype create karna hai.May be girl is not like aish.It is personal but asking for baby name is not personal.wah wah aish tum kyun decision nahi latin?

    • true indian

      your mother sleeps with your grandfather too???

  • messy

    well……. was vivek’s presence there a happy moment for ash ? anywy vivek looks more cute than the ugly amitabh n abhisek – the coward jr bachan !!! yeaks yeaksss wonder how could she ever get close to him…… look at abhisehks eye … he has a ……… eye !!!!

  • True

    ohhhohho where is salman……. or was she seeing salman in the form of abishek ? the baby resembles salman or vivek

    • Fantasy

      u haven’t even seen the baby there is no pic of her anywhere on the web so how do u know who she resembles? Most ppl don’t even know what she looks like and u already know who she looks like lol are u God that u know all this? FYI Salman is impotent and a woman beater that’s why he can’t keep a woman, every woman he has been with has left him. why do u hate Aishwarya so much?

    • bitter truth

      you are an idiot…period.

  • mj

    her fake cheeks are so obvious. She will have to go for more surgery to correct the eyebrow lift.

  • tr

    Her fake cheek implants are showing.
    She will have to go for more surgery to correct the eyebrow lift.

  • anna

    those slipper(i don’t remember the brand name) are not cheap!
    they might look it..lol..my mom owns 2 of them..she wears it frequently because it’s very comfortable(or so she says).

  • Sia

    What the hell?! How can people even think of such articles? Have some sense idiots! Criticism is NOT ALWAYS required.
    Not that I’m a huge fan or something, but everything suits Aishwarya! Infact they are not even that bad O.o Get a grip you guys. Don’t post rubbish even if you are so jobless!
    Sheesh! Disgrace!

  • Lolita

    Common guys, give her a break!! She’s just got a baby!! I wonder if anyone of you would look so nice one week after delivering a child!!Shes’s been carrying something heavy – at least constantly for the last months- and all she needs is to breath and feel at ease… Let us be realistic altough she can be Miss World…

  • JasmineLatisha

    comeon guys, how do you guys know she has cheek implants? ya’ll stalking her some way?? & for those slippers they are adorable, i’m a fashion freak & I can tell you, those slippers a SAXY :D .Plus she just gave birth, I don’t blame her, what ya’ll expect her to wear 6 inch High Heels around? Seriously!!

  • Jasmine

    comeon guys, how do you guys know she has cheek implants? ya’ll stalking her some way?? & for those slippers they are adorable, i’m a fashion freak & I can tell you, those slippers a SAXY :D .Plus she just gave birth, I don’t blame her, what ya’ll expect her to wear 6 inch High Heels around? Seriously!!

  • karen

    i believe aishwarya rai is d mst fake women alive on earth..she is cheap ….she’s had multiple affairs..she’s lied abt her delvry..she had a c-section..it doesnot take 6days fr a nrml dlvry tu hppn…only during c sctns it tks 8 dayz..d bachhans think thy can fool d public..everythng abt thm is a lie..d mst dirty family in d wrld!

    • Rasbhary

      Bilkul sahi jawaab,, aap Jeet chukay hain……..blah blah blah…. One of the fakest family in the world…..

    • Namesake

      no one asked what you think. Aishwarya had 2 previous relationships before Abhsishek Bachan. Do you know how many boyfriends the average woman has in her life? The average woman has 10 boyfriends in her life time. It usually depends on the woman. Women in the west the UK and America have many 20 to 50 boyfriends. And men have even more than that. Salman had many women in his life go call him cheap. Why the double standard? Kareena also had many bfs. I think you’re a sick,jealous individual. Why are so many ppl after the Bachans and Aish? What about the real criminals in the industry like Salman? What bout Shahrukh whose treated like a frickin God for no reason?! Shows up at every award function and buys his awards or wins because of popularity not talent!

  • AH

    umm…wedges are very in season right now and those slippers are the perfect combo of in style and comfort for a fashion icon who has just given birth. by writing articles about stupid things like this you guys just cripple your own journalistic integrity. just cuz there’s no news for the day doesn’t mean you should take cheap shots and make up news.

  • anika

    Those sleepers are safety sleepers.

  • tammygal

    pls stop fighting and arguing !!those who dont like ash kindly get lost from this site!!ur not even invited to give commentzzz

  • pretty

    guys she was pregnant thats why she is wear um…….dude would you wanna walk around with heels when P…..probabaly not