Posted Wed, February 1, 2012 4:22pm IST

Blimey! That’s Shahrukh Khan and Ranbir kapoor. The two seem to be highly inspired by Chikni Chameli and Silk. No wonder they look so comfortable donning the garb of these item girls

Giving all the sexy women a run for their money, King Khan and Ranbir Kapoor regaled the audience with their thumkas at the recent Filmfare award function. Apart from shaking a leg with some of the hottest beauties in B-town, the two also broke into a sensual number which instead of raising temperatures, rose the decibel level of laughter amongst the audience. While SRK opted for a knotted Kashta just the way Katrina did in Chikni Chameli from Agneepath, the Kapoor kid unabashedly imitated Silk from The Dirty Picture. He wore the typical 80s style pink costume which Vidya Balan had flaunted in the movie. What ended up being the cynosure of all eyes was the trio (SRK, Ranbir, Madhuri) rocking the stage together with their sexy dance moves. As Ms Dixit was, as always, grace personified and looked gorgeous in a sari embellished with subtle bling, the two pranksters clumsily jiggled their artificial bosoms and tried to compete with the dancing queen, leaving everyone in hysterical giggles.

We like the fact that the actors didn’t hem and haw much or made a big deal about dressing up as sexy chicks. And why should they? After all, Balan and Kaif are the new Khans and Kapoors of the industry these days, and flaunting a style like theirs should be considered an honour, isn’t it?

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