Posted Wed, August 24, 2011 11:00am IST

The Shotgun’s daughter is on her way to becoming a fashion icon for millions of her fans, but she tries to be like someone very close to her heart

You’ve seen her in casual jeans, formal gowns and even traditional outfits, but ever wondered what Sonakshi Sinha actually loved to wear? The Dabangg girl revealed to a television channel that her preferred fashion statement is casual wear. She likes jeans and T-shirts the best, and loves to team them up with sling bags and her Being Human watches. The only other watch she wears is the Rolex that she bought with her own earnings. Wow, she must be proud of that! As for footwear, flats get her thumbs up and stilettos get a thumbs down. If the occasion demands it, she does wear designer clothing, but mainly by younger designers such as Dev N Nil, and Shantanu and Nikhil, and will usually carry a Ferragamo or a Louis Vuitton. Sonakshi, who is already providing stiff competition to Sonam Kapoor in the fashionista race, has no urge to emulate Sarah Jessica Parker or any Hollywood actor. Oh no! She is a homebody when it comes to icons too. Her style standard is Mommy dearest! Yes, Sonakshi stated that there is no one as beautiful and stylish as her mother. Now we don’t know if she really meant it or was just taking the safe diplomatic route, but we do hope she did mean it. ‘Cause that was a really sweet thought!