Who looks better in ‘Don 2’ – Shahrukh Khan or Lara Dutta-Bhupathi?

Just when we thought Shahrukh Khan took the cake, icing and all, when it came to looking dishy as all heck in Don 2, we were proved wrong. Lara Dutta, who plays SRK’s moll in the movie, looks equally good and supremely gorgeous

Just like SRK she is seen experimenting with different styles and looks, and gets into several sexy avatars that are definitely worth the praise. Apart from setting the screen on fire with her attitude, Ms Dutta dresses to kill, shimmies in a hot gold tasselled outfit, works her charm on Don’s enemies, masquerades as a waitress and, with no tinge of regret, partakes in the most serious crimes along with her dashing confederate, SRK. When she started her career with Andaaz, Lara failed to imprint herself on the minds of the audiences. But this sophisticated lady, who’s always been very particular about what she wears and has hardly ever featured on the faux pas list, finally came into the limelight with movies like Housefull, Partner and Billu Barber. King Khan once said in an interview while promoting Billu that Lara is one chick who’s always prim and proper and that too to the extent that he feels under-dressed whenever they bump into each other. She’s played around with her hair big time in Don 2; from curly to straight tresses to a neat chignon or a funky bob, Lara has been instrumental in keeping us hooked to the film, especially at moments when we were beginning to get into a yawning spree. Don 2, like so many Hollywood-ishtyle action flicks, failed to meet our expectations, but Lara’s style was spot on, bang on. And before we go on and on, we think this pregnant mommy-to-be should do more such roles – after she gives birth to Junior Dutta – Bhupathi, of course!