Who looks cooler in ‘Players’: Bipasha Basu or Sonam Kapoor?

The two chicks are looking smokin’ hot in the promos of Players, but when it comes to conferring the ‘who’s looking sexier’ trophy, we think Bip’s wins, hands down!

Sonam is Goth, whereas Bipasha is glamorous. Sonam is funky, whereas Bipasha is chic…the differences are conspicuous even though the two are predominantly dressed in black in Players. Seen mostly in blingy dresses and metallic accessories, Sonam does her thing in a funky Goth avatar – that doesn’t essentially mean all-black, and the actor has been experimenting with a lot of other dark colours as well, sporting blue nail paint, ankle-length boots, bright red lipstick and a funky attitude with absolute élan. We have to give Sonam’s sister Rhea Kapoor all the credit for these unconventional style ideas. But as they say, some foibles can’t be hidden, however hard you try. Sonam’s abysmal grooving and acting skills are  not helping much in motivating us to go and watch the movie. Bips, on the other hand, is the total style diva who’s comfortably sashaying around in outfits with plunging necklines and sexy slits. She carries them off perfectly and, despite her not-very-good dancing ability, the Bong babe is grabbing eyeballs with her attitude and confidence. A heady mix of Goth and glamour, Players scores decent points in the style area, but when it comes to other aspects of the movie, we would prefer waiting for the reviews and see if the gang does a satisfactory job on the remake of the classic Italian Job.


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