Who’s hotter: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan or Beyonce?

Who’s hotter: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan or Beyonce?

Singer-actor Beyonce’s first public appearance a month after giving birth to a lovely baby girl is the recent talk of the town in Hollyworld. Looking supremely hot in a body-hugging coral coloured dress, this glamorous new mommy is the cynosure of all eyes

 As we witness this hype and hoopla, it reminds us of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s first stint with the shutterbugs after delivering the still nameless Bitiya-B. Although there’s no denying Ash is a gorgeous mother and still has her mojo intact, we are a li’l bored of her insipid tent-dressing style. We would suggest that she gets rid of those voluminous anarkalis and stops playing the concealing game. Beyonce is sailing in the same boat, but it hasn’t taken her much time to spring back into action in terms of fashion and fitness. One of the disadvantages of being an international star is that it comes along with a bagful of responsibilities – of living up to the expectations of other people, for one. And as Ms Knowles successfully steps into her fab shoes, we think if Ash put in a bit more effort she could look equally bootilicious.

Now we leave it up to you, Ash, if you want to snub our precious pearls of wisdom or instantly hit the gym. C’mon, it’s time to buckle down – you have some serious competition, after all!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • nasira ahmad

    we should stop comparig holly wood and bollywood actreses and actors.both have their own cultural diffrences,who become in shape first is not the question is who keeps up with their vallues.they both r georgeous!!!!

    • sami

      b is international singer ,everybody listen beyonce songs let me says this she is one of most world famous singers,so no comparison we all now who is more known to the world ,sori ash but you,r not known to the whole world like b ….LOL

      • Karuna Naidu

        Sami, where the hell are you living, in a well. We all know who ASH is in Australia. She is a gorgeous (still is) girl not even Beyonce can beat her good looks beautiful smile and style. We love the way she dresses. Good for you Ash these Indians from your Country think style is wearing tiny tight clothes. I love to be an Indian anytime any place and we love our way of dressing. Ignore this ignorant, know all idiots.

        • anonymous2

          We know Ash here in America too..and i am not of Indian heritage. She is beautiful now as she was in Dhoom2. It’s not just about a size 2…And come on people, if u luv her then be ok with her wanting some time off with her baby and if u don’t like her leave her alone and move on…being mean is not attractive!

          • Josephine Ngu

            Plz guys stop talking rubbish how can u compared two people from different climate,and from different races,Beyonce is African American ,and Ash is from India . to tell you the truth Aishwarya gave birth but Beyonce has Cesarian,those are two different things, Beyonce can work on her body because she don’t want people to talk about her body.Aiswarya is enjoying mother hood alot as an Indian is two different things.When the time for Aish to come back you will not believe your eyes so plz stop judging.Both women are beautiful in their own way. to tell you the truth Aishwarya is more beautiful than Beyonce . Have u guys seen beyonce without make up?then you will know that.Aishwarya is the most beautiful woman in the whole world.

      • Josephine

        You are wrong i know Aishwarya first before beyonce.when she won Miss world .so stop talking rubbish i don’t like Beyonce songs but i love Aish movies,Beyonce is only good in singing while Aishwarya is well know as the most beautiful woman in the whole world so u haters don’t u have better things to say than to sit and be judging people.who have no time for u guys.Stop hating your self, those women have what u did not have.Stop hating.

  • vishu jay

    i agree with nasira ahmad

  • mahrukh

    @nasira ahmed ur right but dont forget that they choose this life every1 wants to see them. no doubt i have never seen such a beauty in my whole life aishwarya ka koi comparison nahi hay.but she should come out now.as a mother i understand her feelings .with first child u juts want to b with him or her.but she is public figure as well.but wotever she is doing i praised her for that.at last she is eastern mother :) love u ash.

  • kalpesh

    according to me, it’s aishwarya rai ‘The most beautiful woman in the world’. Beyonce is quite good but ash is looking hottest,most gorgeous.,sizzling,sexy,elocuentl….plz ash come back soom. I cant see bolly without you.

    • Raj

      beatiful women , with make up any one looks good , we have seen her she looks flop, Beyonce has got more style these India actress just wanna copy the west it does not even suit them .Look at Irina Shayk,Anjolina jolie ,& other acteress they ar more beautifulRai is no where close to them ,y did she marry a man much younger to her ..

  • Anonymous

    Unfair comparison! And it’s kind of random too. Beyonce is a singer and Aishwarya is an actress. Who in their right mind would pit them against each other? And if you’re trying to say Beyonce is slimmer than Aish even though she was preggers like Aish, well, let’s not forget Beyonce wasn’t even pregnant to begin with because if she was like any normal woman she would have gained weight. But she was more concerned with looking good and sporting 6 inch heels while pregnant.I feel bad saying this, but Aish is a better mother who dressed for comfort and not fashion while pregnant. Also Aish wore this anarkali at Ritesh-Genelia’s wedding reception, that is a completely appropriate dress to wear for a reception. You can’t expect her to don a sexy dress or a western outfit.

    • katrina

      you dont know that for a fact did you see her fake her pregancy???

      • Anonymous

        The whole world saw her on the interview in Australia when her tummy folded. Everyone knows that is not normal.

  • mandy

    unfair comparison. diff culture,nationalites,climate,place,individuality.SOME WOMEN GAIN WEIGHT IN PREGNENCY WHILE OTHERS DONT,PREG WOMEN HAV DIFF CRAVING FOR FOODS IN PREGNANCY. dont compare anyone with anyone

  • Kamla Naidu

    What the hell is wrong with these IDIOTS . Leave Ash alone she is a gorgeous girl not even Beyonce can beat her looks.

    • Suraj

      Just shut up Aishwarya rai is just fake , she has alway been paying ther media to keep her on the top ,she looks flop,Beyonce has got more dignity ,young a7 bubbly ,not like this faked witch

      • bollywood lover

        ash is the most beautiful woman ever

    • katrina

      your just defending her because you think she’ll be ms beautifull all her life shes not in shape and she birth in november!! beyonce had her daughter a month ago stop giving her so much bull snd i think they are equally as beautful but beyonce has the better beaustiful dont give perfference to who was your idol growing up or because of skin tone the images are pretty clear!!!!

  • Guren

    to me Ash is a better mom cause while Beyonce is busy hitting the gym Ash is busy taking care of Beti B and Ash is much more pretty than beyonce but to compare hotness beyonce tops it.

    • zara

      It’s okay for Beyoncé to take care of herself because babies sleep too much, mothers will have enough time to exercise. ;)

  • unknown

    Beyonce has six nannies to take care of her newborn. Ash has none. i rest my case. and clearly this person who wrote this article never had to deal with a newborn…

    • sheila

      and how do u know that Ash has no nanny and that Bey has 6? Media reports say Ash brought her nanny with her to GOA for a holiday, so she OBVIOUSLY has a nanny.

  • gaga

    Plzzz for god sake don’t challenge with beyonce. Beyonce is more hotter thn Ash. Dreaming…………

  • far

    Aishwariya has worked hard with her movies now let her have a downtimw with her baby. anyways, aish looks much better in desi designs than all those curve hugging gowns. also there is a matter of age diiference btw her and beyonce. it’s harder to swing back to shape the older you get.

  • Sandy

    Beyonce is wearing double spanx and Ash is not,that’s the only difference. So everybody out there don’t waste u’r energy on this topic.Both of them look good on their own ways. We can sit and comment a lot on all these topics but we have to be in their shoes to realize the facts and pressures of being celebrities.
    They try their level best to look good n feel confident in public but public is never satisfied.They both rock…Cheerio ;-)

  • raj

    what the hell are you saying ash is fake bleaching herself.no comparison b is more talent and younger than ash,and more richer than her ,this is america v indian,,,so we all now india is poor country even indian actors wona come to hollywood to act films also to be international and get more money,bollywood actors dnt earn mny like american actors…lol

    • Anonymous

      Can you prove that she bleaches herself? Get a clue & stop acting like you’ve seen every Indian in the world. Not asll are dark.Clearly you’re not Indian, why are you posing as one? Your comment doesn’t make sense. It’s racist. What does being poor have to do with this? You just stick random insults in there that have nothing to do with anything. Jealous women from your country can’t compare to Bey or Aish? Hollywood is chasing after Indian actors like Aish. If all Indian actors wanted to go to Hollywood they would have accepted the offers that came there way, but most refuse.Do u see Aish working in Hollywood? No, she refused most offers if she was desperate she would’ve left Mumbai & moved to L.A, but on Letterman she clearly said she will never leave Mumbai.

      • Kt

        You said it Right Comparison should not be treated as Racism I totaly agree with you because everyone here has his own lifestyle and his own commitment towards the industry

      • anonymous

        you are fake like ash,ash and you are racist because she changed her skin colour and so think before you defend her,clearly she doesnt know you…stop atalking my comments you coward. beyonce is the best….best.. lol

    • A Kennedy

      Some people are clearly blind and stupid at the same time.

  • KIM

    who is Aishwarya Rai? who cares tho coz beyonce is clearly prettier then her. she is beautiful inside-out.

    • bollywood lover

      you are blind

  • Anonymous

    I’m so disappointed in BL.You should no better than to compare two people esp. from different countries. It just creates hate and racist comments.

    • Vids

      I totally agree with you…and it already started with the comments below *smh*

  • Umer

    Of course Aishwariya

  • sophia

    Dose anyone know where to get Aiswaya Rai blue-and-green churidar kurta from.

  • sibrina

    Hi the international celebrities are fine, they dont have the added weight of their in-laws, out laws, media like u but the difference is that Ash has love on her side and its the genuine glow that you see on her face, not from a bottle glow. So leave the young mothers alone, they need time out and the kids need their mothers more to you adding to the physical distress experienced during be strong to fight you all and the media, the evil world! One can only experience the trauma of child birth, expressing it is difficult, and everyone who go thro it need the space and time to recover from it after.
    LAY OFF AND STEER CLEAR, another year wont wipe out the bollywood industry, she is a go getter and with the love of her family she will come around and do better than before.

  • Julianne


  • zara

    Both are hot in their own way.

    Beyoncé looks freakin’ hot in survivor, all the single ladies, run the world;

    So is Aishwarya in Devdas , Karja re (I don’t remenber the title of the movie), barso re megha (Guru),nimboda (hum dil de chuke sanam) ,etc.

  • Tina

    Ok, so I stumbled on to this website after talking to my Mom, who mentioned that Aishwariya had a baby, and I decided to look it up. First of all, I am of Indian origin, a 39 year old mother of two teenaged boys (before anyone starts hurling accusations of not knowing what it’s like being a mother or being an Indian or any other crap). I personally don’t think Aishwariya is as god like as most Indians make her out to be, I mean come on! of course it’s going to take her a while to get back in shape! She had her first child at 38. Beyonce, who I don’t think is that amazing either, is 31… and definitely more in shape than Aishwariya. You can easily tell by their muscle tone. As far as hotness goes, I’m sorry, but Beyonce hands down. I stayed home for a year each with both my kids after they were born, don’t have Aishwariya’s money (or the help you have in India) for help with trainers, didn’t even have family to help out, but still got back to my pre-preg weight within 2 months.

  • Wow

    Wow…I was shocked to come across this article. I am a black American, but I do not think this is a nice article. We have to respect these women as individuals and new mothers. These women’s first priorities should be to their new babies and families, and not to the media or the public. They don’t owe any of us anything. The deserve their happiness and their privacy, and it’s sad that the value of women around the world is directly tied to our bodies.

  • Me

    Dono ka ma ka bhosda.

  • Deeps

    As a new mother myself feel that your article is unfair. Let Ash be…. Enjoy the motherhood. It takes 9 months on to put the baby weight….. So give her time and space….. This golden time with the baby will never be back.

    The comparison with beyonce is totally uncalled for.

    Go ash go!!,

  • kavish Taneja

    I think Ash looks Fab & hotter even after giving giving birth to a child girl

  • our

    Ash looking very nice

    • Dildar


  • m

    but beyonce was never pregnant!! she had a surrogate for the baby.

    • reef

      Beyonce was pregnant.. and this is her first post baby appearance… and shes looking v gorgeous other aishh is fat for a celeb now… better lose all those cellulite’s now ASh…

    • susi

      yes i think also ,beyonce was not pregnant.
      Ash looking very nice.

  • roma

    Beyonce is much hotter then ash,

  • Beautiful

    Obviously beyonce!! Ash is way too fake !! Ash got her smile, lips ,nose ,Jawline& chin done! She loves plastic surgery! She even got her left eyebrow lifted by plastic surgery thinkin it looks sexy but really she needs to fix her eyebrow shape before all that it looks disgusting!! She looks a mess and plastic surgery has ruined her natural beauty …n she needs to lose weight n stop painting herself white!! She’s nt from Hollywood she’s from bollywood n she needs to start acting like an Indian actress! Seriously why can’t people appreciate their natural skin colour rather than getting their skin lightened n bleached over a million times!!! I HATE YOU AISHWARYA I USED TO LOVE YOU BEFORE YOU TURNED DISGUSTINGLY PLASTIC!!!!!

  • anab

    Aishwarya and beyonce are both beauitful!!!!!!

  • sharon

    You fools you can compare beyonce with Ashwarya .
    Aishwarya Rai is so much Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katsuhisa

    BOC, can you block ctonemms from the sick pervert below who has been spamming so many videos that features Ash ..all four user names below are from the same person.

  • Happy Moon

    Beyonce’s dress is TACKY!! How can you compare? Aishwarya looks so elegant.

  • anna

    are yall crazy??? Beyonce was pregnant.. Blue Ivy is her first daughter. and its actually her first appearance in public after pregnancy, yall need to get a live man!!

  • Lauren

    They are both very beautiful women! There can be more than one beauty.

  • Joey Ness

    Beyonce :O no competition hahaha she is so hot with all her muscle and perfection and non-plasticity. Aishwarya is pretty though :) but not hot