Why is Katrina Kaif such a confused mess?

We mean fashion-wise, of course. The gorgeous babe was recently spotted at a Khan family bash. And, trust us, it looked like she somehow gathered bits and pieces from her closet and wrapped it around herself!

Seems like Kat is in no mood to live up to the sobriquets she’s been given. The way Katrina Kaif was dressed at the do she was headed to, we are sure Chikni Chameli and sexy Sheila will very soon be replaced with names like Gaffe Gal and Chaotic Chamya. Although the babe is receiving rave reviews for her new item number in Agneepath , we think she’s taking the role of the rustic chick way too seriously. She was seen wearing a sequined black top and a multicoloured bohemian skirt to a party. An absolute mismatch- colour wise, style wise, event wise; we think the ‘Pahua chada ke’ babe has taken a swig of the bubbly, which could be the reason for this fashion faux pas! Or else the chick who’s still hanging around her ex-beau is trying to repulse Salman with these hideous outfits, making sure that he leaves her once and for all. Now our theories are endless, but just when you thought we were done, here’s another interesting one. Maybe the babe was busy in a shoot and before the director announced pack up, Katrina ran off wearing the same costume she was shooting in – after all, we all know that Sallu bhai doesn’t like to wait; he prefers to make people wait for him!