Why is Sonam Kapoor looking like a granny?

Posted Wed, July 20, 2011 12:35pm IST

At 26, when the young Sonam Kapoor should be experimenting with different styles, going crazy playing around with new looks and walking the bohemian path, she is doing quite the opposite

Yes, she is fashionably immaculate at times and we have loved her in all kinds of avatars, from funky to classy, but what’s with the new trend of opting for vintage grandmom styles all of a sudden? The foremost fashionistas and the snooty stylists may have overlooked her disasters and conferred her with the ‘best dressed’ label because of her unconventional choices, but we wonder if the hype created is really worth it…Is she truly the gen-next style diva?

We think the prim and proper Sonam should loosen up a little. If we got a chance to revamp her style box, the first thing we would get rid of is the red lipstick she has been wearing on almost every occasion lately. And the other thing we would try and eliminate is that vintage bug that has been casting a spell on Sonam’s mind and probably making her dress like she is about 20 years older…

Let’s take a look at Sonam’s attempt to create a statement…