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Prakash Jha wants a Re. 1 penalty!

Prakash Jha wants a Re. 1 penalty!

4 years ago 0
The director seeks a symbolic payment from the Punjab government, which had banned his film Aarakshan Director Prakash Jha knows that a mere rupee won’t change his fortunes. And he can ask for more money from the Punjab government for the financial losses that Aarakshan suffered because of it being banned in the state Read Article ▶

Banning Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Aarakshan’ was just a publicity stunt?

5 years ago 0
Banning Aarakshan merely illustrated the fact that India is a democracy in name only and freedom of expression is a myth. It was uncharitable for certain prominent, not to mention loudmouthed and incoherent television commentators to suggest that the brouhaha surrounding Prakash Jha’s Aarakshan was merely a publicity stunt. Was the movie that controversial? Granted […] Read Article ▶