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Qubool Hai: Will Aahil discuss his past with Sanam?

3 months ago 0
They have cleared the first round in the couple contest but there's a lot more to go for the final win In the previous episode of Qubool Hai, Aahil… Read Article ▶

Qubool Hai: Will Rehaan fall for Seher?

3 months ago 1
Except their faces, there is no similarity between Seher and Sanam, but will Tanveer's son fall for the naughty twin? When Aahil (Karanvir Bohra)… Read Article ▶

Qubool Hai: Will Aahil and Sanam win the couple competition?

3 months ago 4
The makers are doing everything in their power to create more romantic moments between the duo, and by the look of it, it seems to be working In the… Read Article ▶
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Qubool Hai: Will Seher manage to con Rehaan?

4 months ago 0
He walked out of Aahil and Sanam's house, but is he out of their lives completely? In the last episode of Qubool Hai, Rehaan (Shehzad Shaikh) packed… Read Article ▶
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Nikitin Dheer and Kratika Sengar finally hitched – view pics!

4 months ago 0
It was indeed a star studded affair that went on for about two days It was a love-cum-arranged marriage for the popular telly actor Kratika Sengar… Read Article ▶
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Karanvir Bohra’s Qubool Hai impresses Ekta Kapoor!

4 months ago 0
The telly actor is playing a positive character after very long Karanvir Bohra who plays the role of Aahil in Zee TV's Qubool Hai is receiving a… Read Article ▶

Qubool Hai: Will Aahil sign the property papers for Tanveer?

4 months ago 0
Begun Sahiba has dreamt of being wealthy all her life, she tried marrying twice, but never managed to have even own a single piece of land in her… Read Article ▶
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Qubool Hai: Five romantic ways for Aahil to confess his feelings to Sanam

4 months ago 6
It's a difficult express these feelings, especially when you are worried of rejection Qubool Hai's Aahil (Karanvir Bohra) has a love-hate… Read Article ▶
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Qubool Hai: Will Seher approach Sanam to clear her confusions?

4 months ago 4
One sibling has seen the other, but neither of them know the truth about their relationship In the last episode of Qubool Hai, Seher (Surbhi Jyoti)… Read Article ▶

Qubool Hai: Will Aahil hear Sanam’s confession to him?

4 months ago 4
Secretly, they've both fallen in love- we are simply waiting for them to express their feelings In the last episode of Qubool Hai, we saw how Aahil… Read Article ▶
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Qubool Hai: Sanam and Aahil to get physically closer

4 months ago 8
All of Tanveer's plans are going kaput; does this mean it's the end of the journey for her? We'll soon find out... In recent episode of Qubool Hai… Read Article ▶
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Qubool Hai: Will Tanveer successfully manage to kill Dilshaad?

4 months ago 1
After committing so many crimes, Tanveer thought nothing can ever harm her now - until fate turned and brought Sanam and Dilshaad back in her… Read Article ▶
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Qubool Hai: Fans claim they like Sanam more than Seher. Poll results!

4 months ago 4
Surbhi Jyoti has played about three characters in the popular Zee TV show ... but we all have a favourite, right! Last week we ran a poll to decide… Read Article ▶
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Qubool Hai: Will Tanveer create a rift between Aahil and Sanam?

4 months ago 3
Aahil and Sanam maybe married and may have chemistry between them, but nothing is going too well In the recent episode we saw that Aahil (Karanvir… Read Article ▶

Qubool Hai: Will Seher and Sanam come face to face?

4 months ago 0
In the last episode we saw how Seher enters the Khan house and makes herself at home without realising that it is actually her house Qubool Hai is… Read Article ▶
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