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Bigg Boss 8: Disgusting! Upen Patel makes Dimpy Ganguly clean his pee, was it right?

4 days ago 7
Upen, who has had a sudden behaviour change did the unthinkable Bigg Boss 8 contestant Upen Patel, who has been one of the most sorted contestants… Read Article ▶

Bigg Boss 8: The tweet about Karishma Tanna’s late father wasn’t from me, says Puneet Issar’s daughter!

5 days ago 8
The entire drama now seems to have taken an interesting turn. Read on to know more... Nivriti Issar, daughter of Bigg Boss 8 contestant Puneet Issar… Read Article ▶

Bigg Boss 8: Upen Patel consults a psychiatrist?

5 days ago 20
Here is an inside scoop from the Bigg Boss house that you surely don't want to miss Bigg Boss is a show that has a way of uncovering inner sleeves… Read Article ▶

Bigg Boss 8 highlights: Did Upen Patel fake his fight with Karishma Tanna?

5 days ago 18
Day 85 in Bigg Boss' house was action packed and definitely interesting to watch Superheroes Vs Supervillains task (more…) Read Article ▶

Bigg Boss 8: Pritam Singh takes an unusual revenge from Ali Quli Mirza – find out why!

5 days ago 1
The recent task created an uproar inside the Bigg Boss house. Read on to know more... Remember the task wherein the Bigg Boss house was transformed… Read Article ▶

Bigg Boss 8: Puneet Issar’s daughter’s insensitive tweet about Karishma Tanna’s father goes viral!

6 days ago 82
If you think that only the inmates inside the house are bitchy, read what Puneet Issar's daughter has to say about Karishma Tanna! Puneet Issar and… Read Article ▶

Bigg Boss 8: OMG! Upen Patel goes bald?

6 days ago 2
Upen has shaved off his head and eyebrows. Read on to know why... Upen Patel, who has started to show his real self on Bigg Boss 8 has done the… Read Article ▶

Bigg Boss 8: Praneet Bhatt, Sonali Raut, Upen Patel, Karishma Tanna – who should be eliminated this week?

6 days ago 22
Like every week, we saw some major drama during the nominations. Tell us who should bid adieu to Bigg Boss 8 this week The makers of Bigg Boss 8… Read Article ▶

Bigg Boss 8: OMG! Sonali Raut and Upen Patel kiss again? View pic!

7 days ago 3
Sonali and Upen were seen getting up close and personal recently. Read on to know what exactly happened Gautam Gulati and Daindra Soares got the… Read Article ▶

5 times Salman Khan got angry on Bigg Boss – watch videos!

7 days ago 0
After his war of words with Karishma Tanna last night, here's taking a look at Salman's angry moments on the nation's most controversial reality… Read Article ▶

Bigg Boss 8 Highlights: Upen Patel finally shows some emotion, Karishma manipulates and Puneet lies

1 week ago 64
Day 85 in Bigg Boss' house was filled with both anger and fun - and we are sure you know who is to be blamed Manipulative ka Hindi word is Dimpy… Read Article ▶

Bigg Boss 8: Shocking: Upen Patel breaks Gautam Gulati’s nose?

1 week ago 123
The two dudes got into a major fight recently. Here's what exactly happened So another fight took place in Bigg Boss 8 recently. And this time it… Read Article ▶

Bigg Boss 8: BREAKING! Karishma Tanna to leave the house?

1 week ago 22
Karishma has had enough and she has now requested Bigg Boss to let her go. Read on to know more... Bigg Boss 8 contestant Karishma Tanna had been… Read Article ▶

Bigg Boss 8: Karishma Tanna’s tears were an overreaction on Salman Khan’s jokes, think contestants!

1 week ago 10
Not only the viewers, but even the contestants were seen discussing the tussle that took place between Karishma and Salman. Here's what the… Read Article ▶

Bigg Boss 8: Diandra Soares calls Gautam Gulati a mumma’s boy

1 week ago 0
Here's how the recently evicted Bigg Boss model slams her co-contestant Model Diandra Soares, the latest to get evicted from Bigg Boss 8, has lashed… Read Article ▶
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