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Veena Malik intimate scenes with ashmit Patel in Supermodel

Veena Malik says it was tough to shoot intimate scenes with Ashmit Patel…really?

3 years ago 1
The Pakistani actress will be seen with ex-flame Ashmit in director Navin Batra’s film Supermodel and if you are expecting steamy scenes and liplocks, you won’t be disappointed. After all, that’s the forte of this controversial couple, hai na? Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel parted ways soon after the fourth season of the reality show […] Read Article ▶
Yogen Shah

Supermodel first look: Is Veena Malik trying to copy Priyanka Chopra in this B-grade film?

3 years ago 2
The first look of the Veena Malik-starrer fails to impress us The first look of Supermodel was launched recently which stars Veena Malik in the lead role. But we have to say that it completely failed to impress us. When you look at the trailer, the first thing you notice is that it’s quite similar to […] Read Article ▶
Poonam Pandey and Veena Malik

Did Poonam Pandey copy Veena Malik?

3 years ago 0
The Pakistani import alleges that the poster of Ms Pandey’s erotic thriller Nasha has an uncanny resemblance to a still from her next movie, Supermodel. And frankly, we agree that Veena is not saying this without reason Veena Malik is furious. And this picture will tell you why. The Pakistani bombshell believes that the makers […] Read Article ▶
Veena Malik’s raunchy photoshoot for Supermodel

Veena Malik’s raunchy photoshoot for Supermodel

4 years ago 3
The babe known for her controversial photoshoots is in the news…again! And that too for posing as a (guess what!) supermodel. So what’s with her now? We dig in to find out Veena Malik’s name has been synonymous with controversy for a long time now. Right? But this time – for a change – there’s […] Read Article ▶
Veena Malik-Ashmit Patel: from going nude to being co-stars

Veena Malik-Ashmit Patel: from going nude to being co-stars

5 years ago 0
The ‘good friends’ have now signed a movie together Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel sure know how to steal the limelight every time. It has been revealed that the two actors will star together in a film for the first time. Read Article ▶