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Anna, Ramdev have a Bollywood connection!

Anna, Ramdev have a Bollywood connection!

5 years ago 2
Anna Hazare or Baba Ramdev, everyone has a reason to protest. And here are some extremely creative ways in which some people have commented on some of the problems India is dealing with everyday… Yesterday we showed you an example of how people involved in popular movements take ‘inspiration’ from Bollywood either to further their […] Read Article ▶

Om Puri apologises for remarks on politicians

5 years ago 0
At 60, we expected Om Puri to have more discretion. Last Friday, as part of the Anna Hazare protest meet at the Ramlila Maidan in Delhi, he was passionate about his feelings against politicians. He said, “I feel ashamed when an IAS or IPS officer salutes a ganwar (illiterate) who is a neta (political leader). […] Read Article ▶

Aamir Khan as Anna Hazare in new film?

5 years ago 0
While we are fully appreciative of Aamir Khan’s various non-Bollywood interests and his support of the cause of the common man, we cannot help wondering if it all comes down to the role…eventually. You saw him sit by Anna Hazare at the Ramlila Maidan protest last weekend and you may even have felt a little […] Read Article ▶