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Sasural Simar Ka: Patali Devi returns to make Simar’s life hell

7 months ago 0
Sasural Simar Ka is about to see some new developments as Patali Devi brings in more trouble for the Bharadwaj family. The buzz is she will be Roli's killer on the show Read Article ▶

Sasural Simar Ka: Simar has finally found out a way to defeat Indrawati

1 year ago 0
More drama, more cliches and more non-sense, that’s what’s going on the show currently It has been brought to my notice that I’ve been repeatedly (and I mean more than 30 times) pointing out how lame a** Sasural Simar Ka is. So I’ve decided to not put it down in writing today, instead I’m just […] Read Article ▶

Sasural Simar Ka: Indrawati’s dark secret out! Read on to find out…

1 year ago 0
Simar is in grave trouble yet again. How will she find her way this time? Sasural Simar Ka has become a hot spot for all supernatural creatures with icchadhaari nagins and aatmas and witches making the Bhardwaj house their home. And the newest to visit the family is a creature who has stepped out of […] Read Article ▶

Sasural Simar Ka: Manish Raisinghan aka Siddhant to be back on the show soon

1 year ago 0
Cheer up guys, here’s some good news for all fans of the actor! Sasural Simar Ka is a haunted house of sorts and has become a hottest hangout spot for all supernatural creatures. From icchadhari nagin to aatma to daayan, we’ve seen a lot. And the most recently we have a lady, Indrawati, from a […] Read Article ▶

Sasural Simar Ka: Is Simar really a bechari or is she just plain STUPID?

1 year ago 0
Dumb, dumber, dumbest… there’s got to be another superlative to describe Simar who is very fond of planning and scheming her flop plans I don’t think there is any point saying anything at all about the track of Sasural Simar Ka. Obviously the makers had decided to bid adieu to logic long time ago. I’m […] Read Article ▶

Sasural Simar Ka: Pratyusha Banerjee to quit the show

1 year ago 0
The daayan track is soon about to come to an end A few days ago, we had informed you about rumours that claimed Pratyusha Banerjee had been acting pricey on the sets of Sasural Simar Ka where she plays a negative role, that of a daayan. It was said that the actress even stormed out […] Read Article ▶

Sasural Simar Ka: Mohini gets violent with Simar

1 year ago 0
There’s some more revenge drama coming your way… Up until now, on Sasural Simar Ka, we saw how Mohini get extremely angry when she does not find the Bhardwaj family at the house. She now wants to seek revenge from Simar (Dipika Kakar) by destroying the family and most importantly by sacrificing Prem (Dheeraj Dhoopar). Read Article ▶

Angry Pratyusha Banerjee walks out of Sasural Simar Ka’s shoot?

1 year ago 0
Grapevine has been rife with rumours of the actress having a tiff with the makers Starry tantrums are a part and parcel of telly town. From extravagant demands to delaying shoot schedules, we’ve seen them all. Even then, it is a big thing if an actor/actress walks out of a shoot leaving it midway. So […] Read Article ▶

Sasural Simar Ka: Mohini walks in on Simar and Amar while they are plotting against her – watch video!

1 year ago 0
With half her family missing, Simar is desperate to find a way out from all this mess So far on Sasural Simar Ka we saw Amar informing Simar (Dipika Kakar) about how the family members merely pretended to not recognise Simar because they were scared of Mohini. Simar is relieved to find out that Mataji, […] Read Article ▶

Sasural Simar Ka’s Deepika Kakar injured, but for good!

1 year ago 0
Confused, are you? Read on to know how an injury can also be for the good… The coming few episodes of Sasural Simar Ka are going to be very high on action and drama as the newest adventure of Simar (Dipika Kakar) and Roli (Avika Gor) is to fight a Daayan; actually not one but […] Read Article ▶

Sasural Simar Ka: Roli jailed for murdering Thakurain

1 year ago 0
Did she really do it, or is this a false trap? Read this EXCLUSIVE UPDATE to find out… So far on Sasural Simar Ka, we saw that the Bhardwaj family has kept a pooja at home to avoid whatever evil magic the Dayan is going to perform on the family. They are all still under […] Read Article ▶

Sasural Simar Ka: Mohini’s truth to be out in the open!

1 year ago 0
The last episode was the usual mix of plotting, celebration, fact-finding, cliches, weird reactions and more So far on Sasural Simar Ka, we saw that Prem finally asks Mohini (Pratyusha Banerjee) if she would agree to marry Amar since the latter has fallen for her and Mohini readily agrees. For those who are not aware, […] Read Article ▶

Sasural Simar Ka: Pratyusha Banerjee to join the show in a negative role!

1 year ago 0
So there’s going to be more drama in this daily soap We informed you earlier about how Roli (Avika Gor) and Siddhant (Manish Raisinghan) from Sasural Simar Ka are trying to use Sanjana’s kidnapping to bring Simar (Deepika Samson) and Prem (Dheeraj Dhoopar) closer again. Post this, the estranged couple will also be getting re-married. […] Read Article ▶

Sasural Simar Ka: Roli and Siddhant to get Prem and Simar remarried – watch videos!

1 year ago 0
Simar and Prem’s divorce will soon come through Sasural Simar Ka is one heck of a roller coater ride. The story goes from danger to sudden happiness the story shifts in nano seconds. We had earlier informed you that Simar’s (Deepika Samson) daughter, Sanjana is going to get kidnapped. While that is yet to happen […] Read Article ▶

Sasural Simar Ka: Sara Khan and Sayantani Ghosh to bid adieu to the show

1 year ago 0
The actresses’ roles are soon to come to meet their respective ends… Sasural Simar Ka is soon going to see a lot of goodbyes on the show. We have Prem (Dheeraj Dhoopar) and Simar (Deepika Samson) parting ways soon and the couple will even be separated from their daughter for a while as they get […] Read Article ▶