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All’s not well between this hot Bollywood couple and many suspect a break up news will make headlines soon!

2 months ago 0
This couple has been all lovey-dovey in public, but never have they confirmed that they are indeed an item. While there was little for them to deny… Read Article ▶

This top actress is ANGRY with her friend’s director husband for picking her RIVAL for his next film with a superstar!

4 months ago 0
A close friend of this heroine has come under the fire for her husband's choice... A top actress was hoping that her filmmaker friend would rope her… Read Article ▶

This Bollywood newbie called a superstar’s girlfriend a MAID at a recent party!

4 months ago 0
Shocking as it may seem this did happen... A superstar's girlfriend had an awkward situation recently when this newcomer called her a bai at a… Read Article ▶

Tamil actress arrested in Mumbai for harassing an advertising professional!

5 months ago 0
In a shocking case a south actress was arrested by cops in Mumbai Tamil actress who suspected that her ex boyfriend was still in a relationship with… Read Article ▶

This young heroine has been advised to QUIT Bollywood

6 months ago 0
In an industry where it is hard to survive without any Godfathers, this heroine seems to be finding it tough despite having strong support... A… Read Article ▶

This actor-director is passionately involved with a B-Town fashionista!

6 months ago 0
These two extremely talented individuals are reportedly madly in love with each other They might not be of the same stature, stardom wise but when… Read Article ▶

This critically acclaimed actress’ husband is cheating on her with his employee!

11 months ago 0
Looks like another marriage in tinsel town is falling apart... This critically acclaimed heroine got hitched not so long ago to a well known filmi… Read Article ▶

This married filmmaker is cheating on his wife with a Bollywood newbie!

1 year ago 12
A married filmmaker seems to have caught Bollywood's eye with his wandering ways... It seems like this Bollywood newbie has found love in a married… Read Article ▶

Dharmendra reacts on Hema Malini’s accident, says it’s not in good taste to show pictures of the victim!

1 year ago 1
Last night everybody was shocked on seeing a blood smeared face of Bollywood's dream girl on their television screens Hema Malini's car met with an… Read Article ▶

Konkona Sen Sharma is epitome of grace, poise and elegance in this photoshoot – view pics!

1 year ago 1
She has stayed away from limelight for quite sometime and when she returned she won us over with her uniqueness yet again Konkona Sen Sharma has… Read Article ▶

This top Bollywood actress misplaced jewellery worth lakhs of rupees on her film’s sets!

1 year ago 9
Working with this heroine has proved to be a nightmare for her film's director and producer This top heroine's recklessness recently cost her film's… Read Article ▶

This once-upon-a-time hit actress slams her fan for clicking pictures!

1 year ago 24
At a time when she should be lucky to have fans, she decides to make the person pay! Fame is a tricky intoxication. Once you get it, it becomes… Read Article ▶

This Bollywood hottie’s past affairs seems to have scared his ladylove!

1 year ago 15
The new lady in this hot Bollywood actor's life was in for a shock recently... This Bollywood actor recently had an oops moment in real life when… Read Article ▶

This hot Bollywood beauty was bitching about her co-star with whom she delivered a hit!

1 year ago 51
We've often seen how two faced Bollywood stars are. But this episode seems to only highlight B-town's hypocritical side. This Bollywood actress was… Read Article ▶

Guess Who: This actor cheated on his wife with another man

1 year ago 6
This popular couple got married recently, but ever since they tied the knot things have not been going well between them This TV actor was caught by… Read Article ▶