Aishwarya slippers News

  • | November 23rd, 2011

    What’s with those hideous slippers, Ash?

    What’s with those hideous slippers, Ash?
    At the Bachchans’ press meet recently, the media turned up in hordes waiting to get a glimpse of the mother and the baby. But while Beti B was nowhere in sight, new mum Aishwarya Rai Bachchan did say a sweet and desi ‘namaste’ to the waiting crowd. She may be pretty grace personified, but why oh why did she have to wear those clunky silver flip-flops and wreck the elegant image?  

    We agree comfort is the first priority for the actor who delivered her first baby just about a week ago, but the sexy mother should realise that she’s still considered one of the style icons in B-town, preggie, extra-curvy or not. Click here to read more