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Jodha Akbar: Will Jodha pay for Akbar’s sins? Watch video!

2 years ago 0
Love is unconditional and eternal – something Jodha and Akbar have proved time and again In the recent episode of Jodha Akbar, Salim (Ravi Bhatia) gets injured in war, but on learning that his army is getting depleted he decides to go back into the war. Read Article ▶

Rajat Tokas finally gets hitched to girlfriend Srishti Nayyar- view pics!

2 years ago 0
The couple tied the knot today (January 30, 2015) Rajat Tokas aka Akbar of Jodha Akbar is getting married to his long time girl friend Srishti Nayyar. Read Article ▶

Jodha Akbar: Chetan Hansraj makes a comeback on the periodic show

2 years ago 0
Don’t worry the makers are not bringing him from the dead unlike most daily soaps If you remember, Chetan Hansraj played the role of Adam Khan on Jodha Akbar two months back. Well the makers have roped him again to play his own son – Hyder in the show. Now wouldn’t that be interesting. Read Article ▶

Is Rajat Tokas aka Akbar’s safety really in jeopardy?

2 years ago 0
Every high profile celebrity trots around with a few bodyguards – Shah Rukh Khan has them and so does Salman Khan, but this is a first for a television star Don’t get us wrong; safety is every star’s priority and why shouldn’t they be concerned, but going to the extent of keeping bodyguards just makes […] Read Article ▶

Jodha Akbar: Has Atifa replaced Jodha in Akbar’s life?

2 years ago 2
The hush-hush rumours in the corridors of Akbar’s palace do have some truth Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) spotted Akbar (Rajat Tokas) and Atifa sharing an intimate moment when she went to give him flowers of her puja. After seeing what she did she cannot believe that the love of her life has indeed betrayed her. Ruks […] Read Article ▶

Bharat Ka Veer Putra..Maha Rana Pratap: Will Pratap kill Akbar?

2 years ago 0
The Prince of Marwar has managed to enter Akbar’s fort The war between Maha Rana Pratap (Faisal Khan) and Burga Khan has finally come to an end. Pratap celebrated his victory after killing Burga in the war. Despite his eventful win, Pratap does not demand superiority over Marwar. While Akbar (Vishal Jeth) was fuming over Pratap’s […] Read Article ▶

Vishal Jethwa aka Akbar: I doubt I’ll ever get to play such a great character again

2 years ago 2
The young actor talks about preparing himself mentally and physically to play the greatest King of India, his struggle to get the role, the injuries he suffered during the show and more We caught up with Vishal Naresh Jethwa, who plays Akbar in Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap during the mega war sequence. Read Article ▶

Faisal Khan aka Maharana Pratap: My horse riding and sword fighting skills have improved a lot

2 years ago 2
There’s a major war sequence coming up in the periodic show and the young actor busy polishing his sword fighting skills Post the big war, Maharana Pratap is gearing to take a huge leap in time. Faisal Khan the winner of Dance India Dance Li’l Masters talks about shooting for the big war, his training for the […] Read Article ▶

Jodha Akbar: Rajat Tokas and Paridhi Sharma to finally make love!

2 years ago 3
Love has already blossomed on the show and soon viewers will witness the consummation scene on Jodha Akbar Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) and Akbar’s (Rajat Tokas) personal equation off screen has finally taken a backseat with their onscreen romance taking over the audiences. While for sometime now we have seen the growing chemistry between Jodha and […] Read Article ▶

Jodha Akbar: When will Jodha aka Paridhi Sharma return to Agra?

2 years ago 1
Jalal changed his ways ever since he realised that he was in love, but will this help him bring his beloved begum back? Jodha Akbar is currently witnessing a change in Jalal’s (Rajat Tokas) reign. After hiring Todamal as his finance minister, the emperor has begun to see how his kingdom has been suffering under […] Read Article ▶

Delnaaz Irani: I am not playing Jodha in Akbar Birbal

2 years ago 0
The cute and bubbly actor talks about her equation with Kiku Sharda, Vishal Kotian, comedy and her new show Akbar Birbal where she is made to feel like a queen It took us two hours under the scorching sun and unbearable heat to get to the venue of Delnaaz Irani’s new show. Dressed in what […] Read Article ▶
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Paridhi Sharma and Rajat Tokas to finally make love in Jodha Akbar

3 years ago 13
The love story is taking a U turn between the emperor and the queen Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) and Akbar (Rajat Tokas) have realised their love for each other but not yet said anything. Read Article ▶

Jodha Akbar: Will Jodha and Akbar confess their feelings for each other?

3 years ago 1
The once enemies are now getting closer and beginning to fall in love, but will they speak about their feelings anytime soon? Zee TV’s popular show Jodha Akbar has been soaring great heights ‘coz of the romantic quotient in the show – and boy do we love it! They received a TRP of 6.7, which […] Read Article ▶

Jodha Akbar: Is Akbar developing a soft corner for Jodha?

3 years ago 0
He was heartless and ruled by his head before he met the Princess of Amer, but now he is not so sure Jodha-Akbar’s marriage was as an alliance of convenience between the Rajputs and Mughals. But Akbar (Rajat Tokas) couldn’t deny that Jodha’s (Paridhi Sharma) beauty made him more inclined to the union. Read Article ▶
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Jodha Akbar: Will Jodha catch Benazir red handed?

3 years ago 0
The woman came to Agra with the agenda to kill Shahenshah Benazir (Meghna Naidu) is a vishkanya (poison girl) who has come to Agra to kill Akbar (Rajat Tokas) and cripple his kingdom. She has managed to infiltrate his harem and come close to him. Read Article ▶