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Akshay Kumar NOT confident of his Khiladi tag?

1 year ago 0
Wait! Did we hear that right? Akshay Kumar is the perpetual Khiladi of Bollywood. From being the fittest actor to performing his own stunts to opening a self defence academy for women, Akshay has very deservingly earned the title. But when you have death staring you in the Read Article ▶

Does Akshay Kumar wax his legs?

3 years ago 1
We were definitely surprised by the daredevil stud’s unexpectedly metrosexual side Recently, when Akshay Kumar was spotted showing off his gym to trainee IPS officers, the Khiladi dude was noticed for more than his fitness levels. We were spellbound by his long legs – they looked recently shaven. The super-fit star met the Quick Response […] Read Article ▶

Why doesn’t Akshay Kumar want to be known as the khiladi anymore?

3 years ago 9
Over the years, the word khiladi has been Akki’s second name; it has brought him luck and success at the box office. Wonder why then does Akshay now want to disassociate himself from the tag? Akshay Kumar has been fondly referred to as the Khiladi by his fans and industrywalas, and this title has proved […] Read Article ▶
CBI wants a special screening of Special 26 before release

CBI wants a special screening of Special 26 before release

4 years ago 0
Khiladi Kumar’s latest con flick will be reviewed specially by the investigative agency before clearing it for release Until now, it was only the Censor Board that was known for its high-handed and at times bizarre behaviour, culling down scenes for frivolous reasons and trampling on creative freedom. And now, joining the bandwagon in yet […] Read Article ▶
Akshay Kumar will be back as Fear Factor host

Akshay Kumar will be back as Fear Factor host

4 years ago 2
The channel felt that Akshay Kumar was irreplaceable for Khatron Ke Khiladi, and decided to wait for him till he finishes off his movie commitments It has taken Akshay Kumar around 20 years and numerous death-defying stunts to earn the moniker Khiladi. Read Article ▶