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Twinkle Khanna: Sometimes the only thing you have left is hope!

2 years ago 1
The star wife talks about the importance of physical appearance as a medium of expression for the inner self My grandmother is 77. She has perfectly coloured hair with not a root in sight, her nails artfully manicured and her clothes always immaculate. I tease her about her interest in all these superficial things and […] Read Article ▶

Twinkle Khanna: Motherhood circa 2014

3 years ago 0
The beautiful interior designer shares the perks and pesks of motherhood today. Read on to know what it takes for this twinkling star to become the great mommy that she is… 7 am: I am hurriedly cleaning peanut butter off my favourite blue blazer and scrambling to reach school for what is called coffee morning […] Read Article ▶

Twinkle Khanna tells why every boy eventually marries some version of their mum

3 years ago 0
Words of wisdom by Baba Twinkdev ‘God couldn’t be everywhere so he created mothers and the devil couldn’t be everywhere so he created mothers-in-law!’ For the record (and for me to continuing living in my marital home) let me state at the very onset that I have a splendid relationship with my mother-in-law. We are […] Read Article ▶
Twinkle Khanna writes about the infrastructure of our country

Twinkle Khanna wishes to write a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

3 years ago 0
Twinkle Khanna’s take on the pothole issue in her latest column 3.20 am: Yikes I am awake, oh God no! The man of the house has booked us on a strange 5.25 am flight to Goa and is now cheerfully humming and switching on all the lights. I think he is secretly trying to kill […] Read Article ▶