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5 sanskars Alok Nath could teach this Kalyug with his film dialogues!!

1 year ago 0
Alok Nath – The torch-bearer of Indian values! If you call Alok Nath as the walking breathing encyclopedia of Indian values, you won’t be wrong. He has become such a brand of sanskar that even if you see a picture of his on internet, you would automatically touch his feet if visible!    In this ghor kalyug we need mahatmas like Shri Alok Nathji to spread […] Read Article ▶

OMG!! Sanskari Alok Nath abuses woman on Twitter!

1 year ago 3
The father figure of Bollywood decides to go non-sanskari… Alok Nath is the epitome of a righteous father. In fact, he is the sanskari Babuji everyone wants to talk about but not have as their own. But to err is human and it seems Nath too isn’t devoid of errors either. Read Article ▶

When Alok ‘babuji’ Nath reacted on the jokes made on him…

3 years ago 1
The veteran actor was trending on Twitter some days back. Here is what he has to say on this After Rajnikanth, ACP Pradyuman, Sir Ravendra Jadeja and Arnab Goswami, the latest personality to get fame over jokes made on him is Alok ‘babuji‘ Nath. The veteran actor was trolled on the internet space with some […] Read Article ▶