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Balika Vadhu: Akhiraj wants to slaughter his own daughter!

6 days ago 0
Kamlee is in big trouble for letting out his father's secret Balika Vadhu's Akhiraj is as low as a man can get. Hitting, torturing, ill-treating… Read Article ▶

Balika Vadhu actor Shashank Vyas quits the show to play characters of his age!

7 days ago 0
After playing a father in Balika Vadhu, but now he wants to try something new and of his age.. Shashank Vyas popularly known as Jagya in Balika… Read Article ▶

Balika Vadhu: Will Anandi succeed in finding her daughter this time?

1 week ago 0
The woman is this close to reuniting with her daughter but for some reason or the other, it just doesn't happen Today's episode of Balika Vadhu was… Read Article ▶

Balika Vadhu: Manu and Pooja are ready to consummate their marriage

3 weeks ago 0
That's a lot of child marriages on a show that preaches against the evil practice So far on Balika Vadhu we saw how Akhiraj is honoured as head of… Read Article ▶

Balika Vadhu: Shashank Vyas aka Jagya to quit the show!

4 weeks ago 0
After Pratyusha Banerjee and Sidharth Shukla, this is the third member from the lead cast to leave the show A few days ago, we informed you how… Read Article ▶

Balika Vadhu: Warning! Read this story only if you want to get the BIGGEST SPOILER of the year…

1 month ago 1
A new twist await you on the show which will leave your mind numb! Balika Vadhu is exploring strange tracks at the moment. So far we've seen how… Read Article ▶

Balika Vadhu: After killing Gopal, Akhiraj now puts Nimboli’s life at stake!

2 months ago 0
The man does not deserve to be called even a human forget about being a father So far on Balika Vadhu we saw how Mangla (Rajeshwari Badola)… Read Article ▶

Balika Vadhu to witness the weirdest wedding between Kamlee, the lifeless bride and Pushkar, the mentally challenged groom!

2 months ago 0
The coming few episodes will see more drama unfold So far on Balika Vadhu we saw how Akhiraj (Sunil Singh) beats Nimboli (Gracy Goswami) black and… Read Article ▶

Balika Vadhu: Nimboli informs the police that Akhiraj murdered Gopal

2 months ago 0
We wouldn't be surprised if Akhiraj kills Nimboli too Today on Balika Vadhu we saw how shocked Jagdish get on finding that Ganga is treating Mangal… Read Article ▶

Balika Vadhu: Akhiraj kills Gopal and is now after his own daughter Kamlee!

2 months ago 0
The show is currently focussing on the social evil of honour killings... Ever since it first started, Balika Vadhu has been dealing with various… Read Article ▶

Balika Vadhu’s Jagdish aka Shashank Vyas: You cannot expect anything more than time leaps and fantasy on TV

2 months ago 0
The actor confesses that he'd like to take up an author-backed role that is strong and non-repetitive Shashank Vyas is now a common household name… Read Article ▶

Balika Vadhu: Will Nimboli get into trouble for helping Kamlee and Gopal?

2 months ago 0
Akhiraj has found out about Kamlee running away with Gopal. What's he going to do now? Read on to find out... So far on Balika Vadhu, we saw how… Read Article ▶

Balika Vadhu: Disa is about to reveal her deepest, darkest secret!

3 months ago 0
Disa is about to spill the beans of Akhiraj's ugly reality So far on Balika Vadhu, we saw Kamlee's (Farah Hussain) pre-wedding ceremonies are in… Read Article ▶

Balika Vadhu: Akhiraj tries to rape his widowed sister-in-law, Disa!

3 months ago 0
If you thought that Kundan trying to rape his Nimboli was a bad enough thing to happen, you are much mistaken because there is something much worse… Read Article ▶

Balika Vadhu: Anandi to come face to face with her daughter’s kidnapper, Akhiraj!

3 months ago 0
Looks like Anandi's search for her daughter is soon to come to an end So far on Balika Vadhu we saw how a dejected Gopal is planning to run away… Read Article ▶
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