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Bani Ishq Da Kalma: A restaurant named after Soham and Bani

2 years ago 0
There’s a huge fan following for the Colors’ daily soap but there’s one fan couple who really surprised Adhvik Mahajan and Shefali Sharma A fan couple from Canada recently visited the sets of Bani Ishq Da Kalma. Read Article ▶

Bani Ishq Da Kalma: Will Bani agree to remarry Parmeet?

2 years ago 0
Sohum’s memory is back and he is reunited with his wife Rajji Last week on Bani Ishq Da Kalma, things were heated as Sohum (Adhvik Mahajan) kept rejecting Rajji (Neha Bagga) ‘coz he had no memory of being married to her. Everyone tried to remind Sohum about his past but it only gave him headaches. Read Article ▶

Bani Ishq Da Kalma: Will Bani let Sohum get close to her?

2 years ago 0
Sohum has sent Rajji to Parmeet’s place, hoping to spend some alone time with his wife Sohum (Adhvik Mahajan) lost his partial memory in an accident. According to him, he is married to Bani (Shefali Sharma), not Rajji (Neha Bagga). Read Article ▶

Bani Ishq Da Kalma: Will Sohum force Rajji to go with Parmeet?

2 years ago 0
Sohum has lost his memory and believes that Rajji is Parmeet’s wife, but in reality he is Rajji’s husband In Bani Ishq Da Kalma, everyone is walking on egg shells around Sohum (Adhvik Mahajan), afraid that something they say or do might trigger a headache. Read Article ▶
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Gurdas Maan: My family follows Bani Ishq Da Kalma religiously

2 years ago 0
The cast and crew of the Colors’ show were in for a surprise when the Punjabi actor made a sudden appearance on the sets Knowing one of the biggest legends of the Punjabi film industry follows their show religiously was the best compliment the cast and crew of Bani Ishq Da Kalma ever earned. Read Article ▶

After Beintehaa’s Aaliya aka Preetika Rao, Shefali Sharma aka Bani from Bani Ishq Da Kalma faints on sets!

2 years ago 0
The TV actors, who usually go through a strenuous schedule are finding it difficult to shoot in the summers Shefali Sharma, who portrays the character of Bani in Bani Ishq Da Kalma fainted on the sets recently. Read Article ▶

Bani Ishq Da Kalma: Will Soham’s memory loss divide Bani and Rajji?

2 years ago 1
Sohum doesn’t remember marrying Rajji and being happy with her, he believes that he married Bani and no one wants to break his heart yet It’s an interesting twist, but something we had already predicted. Bani Ishq Da Kalma is currently witnessing Sohum (Adhhvik Mahaj), who is suffering from partial amnesia. Read Article ▶

Bani Ishq Da Kalma: Will fate bring Bani and Parmeet together again?

2 years ago 0
Bani has decided to move on in life, but will Parmeet be able to change her mind and bring her back to his house? Bani Ishq Da Kalma‘s recent episodes have given us a high dose of drama. The show had entered an interesting space when Bani (Shefali Sharma) got her husband Parmeet (Gaurav Chaudhary) […] Read Article ▶

Bani Ishq Da Kalma Hai: Will Bani come back to the Bhullar house?

2 years ago 0
Parmeet has signed the divorce papers and Bani has accepted it, but will she leave the Bhullar house now that she is single again? Bani Ishq Da Kalma is currently witnessing two extreme cases. On one side Bani (Shefali Sharma) is getting divorced and on the other side Rajji (Neha Bagga) and Soham (Adhvik Mahajan) […] Read Article ▶

Bani Ishq Da Kalma’s Bani, Rajji, Parmeet and Sohum talk about Baisakhi

2 years ago 0
Folk dance, music, sweets and a feeling of togetherness complete the celebrations of Baisakhi The cast and crew of Bani Ishq Da Kalma, who began their show on Baisakhi completed a year. Shefali Sharma, Gaurav Chaudhary, Adhvik Mahaj and Neha Bagga share their plans for Baisakhi this year Read Article ▶

Bani Ishq Da Kalma: Parmeet convicted; Bani’s mother-in-law dies

2 years ago 0
Parmeet falls into Maya’s trap hook, line and sinker and justice is finally served Bani Ishq Da Kalma will see some dramatic tracks ahead, making the show a must watch this week. Read Article ▶

Bani Ishq da Kalma: What happens when Sohum loses his memory?

2 years ago 3
Love has finally happened Rajji and Sohum, but the happy ending is far from near Like most Indian daily soaps, Bani Ishq da Kalma is going for a memory loss in their story line. Read Article ▶
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Bani Ishq Da Kalma: Will Parmeet admit that he killed Bani?

3 years ago 0
Colors is gearing up to reveal some twists and turns in some of their prime shows. After Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, now Bani Ishq Da Kalma is entering a very interesting space Bani’s (Shefali Sharma) makeover as Maya on the show had kept the intrigue alive. While Parmeet (Gaurav Chaudhary) has had a […] Read Article ▶

Bani Ishq Da Kalma: Will Bani’s makeover fool Parmeet?

3 years ago 0
We’ve often seen a sequence when a village belle transforms herself with the western look, no one can recognise her, but will the same thing happen to Parmeet? Parmeet (Gaurav Chaudhary) attempted to kill his wife by drowning her ‘coz he did not want to be married to a village belle. Read Article ▶

Bani Ishq Da Kalma: Will Rajji find Bani and bring her home?

3 years ago 0
Rajji believes that Bani is still alive, but everyone thinks she’s in shock after losing her sister Parmeet (Gaurav Choudhary) believes that he successfully drowned Bani in the river and now he is a free bird. Read Article ▶