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Kim Kardashian-Kanye West’s wedding guest list: Will Smith, Jay Z, Oprah Winfrey invited!

3 weeks ago 0
Big names from showbiz - Will Smith, Jay Z, Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce Knowles - are on the guest list for the impending wedding of reality TV star… Read Article ▶

Jennifer Garner and Beyonce Knowles urge for ban on ‘bossy’ word

1 month ago 0
Hollywood stars are putting their weight to ban the word 'bossy' Beyonce Knowles has taken up charge in attempt to ban the use of word 'bossy' for… Read Article ▶

Why did Jay Z refuse to be Kanye West’s best man?

1 month ago 0
Since Jay and Kanye are close friends the latter wanted the former to be his best man at his wedding Rapper Jay Z has reportedly rejected a chance… Read Article ▶

Beyonce Knowles sings happy birthday for her fan during a concert! Watch video

2 months ago 0
Shehnaz Khan definitely had a great birthday thanks to this pop star Beyonce Knowles stopped her show in Birmingham to sing 'Happy birthday' for one… Read Article ▶

Would you like to wear Beyonce Knowles’ underwear this Valentine’s day?

2 months ago 0
Beyonce has an intimate treat for her fans this V-Day Beyonce Knowles has started her own underwear range designed especially for Valentine''s Day… Read Article ▶

A course on Beyonce Knowles at New York’s Rutgers University!

3 months ago 0
Now, Rutgers University offers course on Beyonce Beyonce Knowles fans can enjoy some fun filled learning session on their favourite artist. Rutgers… Read Article ▶

Charlotte Hays claims Beyonce’s hubby Jay Z is ‘poor excuse for husband’

3 months ago 0
Jay Z has made a living singing lyrics that call women 'bitches' and 'hos' Charlotte Hays has branded Jay Z as "a poor excuse for a husband". The… Read Article ▶

Kanye West writes lullaby for Jay Z and Beyonce Knowles’ daughter!

3 months ago 0
Yes, the rapper has written a special lullaby for Blue Ivy The Bound 2 hitmaker presented the track to Blue Ivy on her second birthday Tuesday, as… Read Article ▶

Why was Beyonce Knowles embarrassed after recording her latest song?

3 months ago 0
Pop star Beyonce Knowles is too embarrassed to play her steamy new song Partition for her mother Beyonce Knowles said that she still hasn't played… Read Article ▶

Is Justin Timberlake an inspiration for Britney Spears?

4 months ago 0
Yes! Believe it or not, Britney is indeed inspired by her ex-boyfriend and Bruno Mars... Pop star Britney Spears has praised her former boyfriend… Read Article ▶

Beyonce Knowles shares new album online

4 months ago 0
The new album has 14 songs and 17 videos Singer Beyonce Knowles unveiled her new album Beyonce on iTunes Friday. Her fifth album, under Columbia… Read Article ▶

Is Beyonce Knowles more popular than Kim Kardashian and Rihanna?

5 months ago 0
The list of the most searched celebs of 2013 is out and here's the list of those who made it to the top ten Singer Beyonce Knowles has been named… Read Article ▶

Forbes: Madonna is the highest paid musician

5 months ago 0
The still-very-hot singer mints more money than most of the "generation now" popstars Pop star Madonna has pipped the likes of Lady Gaga to the… Read Article ▶

What was Beyonce Knowles up to before her Auckland concert?

6 months ago 0
The Dangerously in love star was in an adventurous mood before her concert recently Beyonce Knowles recently enjoyed two bungee jumping sessions in… Read Article ▶
Priyanka Chopra wants to appear in a power chick video with Beyonce!

Priyanka Chopra wants to appear in a power chick video with Beyonce!

9 months ago 1
The babe launched her celeb milkshake at the Millions of Milkshakes store and when asked if given a choice who she wants to do her next video with… Read Article ▶
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