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‘Bodyguard’ breaks ‘Ready’ record!

5 years ago 1
Salman Khan has broken his own record – by becoming the largest-ever digital release on UFO Moviez, a satellite delivered digital cinema platform. While his film Ready was screened in a record 943 UFO Moviez digital theatres in its first week (June 3, 2011) and in a total of 1,108 UFO digital theatres till date, […] Read Article ▶
BODYGUARD Review: Mind-numbing!

BODYGUARD Review: Mind-numbing!

5 years ago 110
No story, no screenplay and no plot – only Salman Khan, and that too, a confused one! You do not expect a cinematic masterpiece when you walk into a theatre to watch a Salman Khan film, do you? You just go in there to watch Salman Khan, superstar! So whether you want to watch Bodyguard […] Read Article ▶
BODYGUARD QUICK REVIEW: The film is torture!

BODYGUARD QUICK REVIEW: The film is torture!

5 years ago 40
Our reviewer is watching Bodyguard even as we write this, and she texted saying the movie is torture! There is no story, no characterisation, nothing – only Salman! Well if she was distracted enough to send us messages from the theatre, then we believe her! We wonder what’s happening to Imran Khan who was catching […] Read Article ▶
Did you like Salman’s ‘Bodyguard’? Tell us!

Did you like Salman’s ‘Bodyguard’? Tell us!

5 years ago 239
We always knew that Salman Khan was a huge crowd puller and pleaser, but we never really experienced it firsthand. Until now. While we have been posting a lot of news about the superstar’s new film, Bodyguard, on our site, no one had any problems with it. But as our reviewer sat in the theatre […] Read Article ▶

Salman’s fabulous get-well-soon card: positive reviews of ‘Bodyguard’

5 years ago 0
It releases today and Salman Khan’s latest film, Bodyguard, is already getting rave reviews. Someone who saw a preview tells us that the movie is a great watch, with emotion, song and dance and lots of action, everything we like about any Salman film. In this one, the star is a bodyguard called Lovely Singh […] Read Article ▶